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Different strokes, different folks. I love my diaper bag (Orla Kiely) and plan to use it for a long time to come, used the Boppy until my baby was too big, and, since our daycare has a strict fever policy, use the fancy thermometer far more often than I could have anticipated. But I'm totally with you re: the bathtub and the muslin wraps.

Alison's List: Baby Goods I'm Glad I Bought & Ones I Wish I Hadn't
2/11/14 05:24 PM

Fun room! You'll need to make adjustments, of course - the string tassels scare me a little and the plant is in a rather vulnerable spot (my nine-month-old would be all over that - and on castors, too? Score!). But the baby's not even born - good on you for having a room put together. Love the art at wee eye level.

\"Baby Capton's\" Captivating Nursery My Room
9/12/13 01:03 PM

All hail the Sleep Sheep. What more do you need?

Emmett's Micro-Nursery My Room
8/29/13 08:11 PM

Another vote for gray. The black could be cool, too.

Alison's Wall Pattern Project: Help! Color?
8/12/13 07:30 PM

The idea is neat, I'd feel pretentious telling any of my friends what to pair with what.

DIY Chalkboard Table Runner for Effortless Dinner Parties Jackie Fogartie Events
11/14/12 08:32 PM

Chicken broth, cookie dough, cherries, vodka, soup.

What Are Your Top 5 Freezer Essentials?
9/28/12 05:59 PM

When we redid our porch, we had the front walkway (which curves slightly) angle up from the sidewalk (no steps) and put in an ADA-approved threshold on the door. Most people don't realize it's a wheelchair ramp. The people who need it, though, appreciate it a lot! It's made me want to keep universal design in mind as we remodel the rest of the house.

Design Dictionary: Universal Design
9/12/12 11:49 PM

I think there was a very similar post a couple of years ago, which is where I got an Italian chicken salad recipe that I've taken to new moms since. It's always a hit.

What Good Meals to Bring to a New Mom? 10 Recipe Ideas
8/31/12 11:51 AM

I bought a dishwasher.

What Was Your New Baby Splurge? Reader Survey
8/28/12 01:09 PM

We have someone come and do our sewage clean-out every year. It seems to be pretty important (we were going to skip it this year but ended up with a backup), and yet I never hear people talk about it. Is it because our pipes are old or something?

Home Owner's Manual: Annual Home Maintenance Calendar
8/24/12 03:14 PM

I like it, too. I did think it looked like the kitchen cabinet doors were missing (as opposed to intentionally removed), but then we got to the photo of the homeowner on the counter and I didn't care anymore - love that shot!

Michele & Ryan Tansey's Antiquarian Hideaway
House Tour

10/29/11 05:29 PM

The first year in our house all our money went into "invisibles" - water-saving toilet, insulation in the walls, new heat pump, etc. I would have rather bought furniture, but we reap the benefits of efficiency every day.

9 Things I Wish I'd Known About Decorating a First Home
10/7/11 01:06 AM

JudiAU's comment took me by surprise. I have _Home Comforts_ and have read it several times - can't remember child rearing stuff in it (I don't have kids, so maybe I just didn't pay attention?). I think the book's information has given me confidence.

Housekeeping Basics: 36 Step-by-Step Guides To Every Chore In Your Home
10/7/11 01:01 AM

Two pots or fewer.

5 Dinners Using Two Pots Or Less
9/13/11 04:45 PM

Been there! It was pretty darn cool

The Two Story, Climb Inside Bookshelf Tower
8/18/11 04:06 PM

Some nice ideas here, but offputting, for sure. I didn't need to see the pair of shoes or the turned around books. Was fun to see the iMac (I have the same one), though that's also completely impractical - its hard drive can't do sh** anymore.

Samantha & Lindsey's Bright Beach Cottage
House Tour

8/11/11 06:19 PM

Thank you for this tour! This was my favorite Small Cool entry, by far.

Michael & Shannon's Mix of Tradition and Travel
House Tour

8/10/11 03:40 PM

I guess I'd just rather read the newspaper with those ten minutes.

Awesomesauce Sack Lunch Inspiration
This Lunch Rox

8/6/11 12:21 PM

I agree with those who say this is over the top - and I'm a woman who makes her own puff pastry!

That said, every once in a while when I was a kid my mom would cut my sandwich into a heart and it made me feel like a million bucks.

Awesomesauce Sack Lunch Inspiration
This Lunch Rox

8/4/11 04:26 PM

I spy a killer hat.

Fun tour!

Rodellee's Tiny Vintage Studio
House Tour

7/13/11 12:01 PM