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Throw it (and the Pam...) away? ;) In my experience, silicon in the kitchen is never clean. I can scrub, rinse, rinse, and store in a drawer away from ambient dust and grease particles, and it STILL has a sticky film on it.

What's the Best Way to Clean Silicone Bakeware? Good Questions
7/11/14 09:23 AM

Feelin' like combining the cauliflower burger with a side of polenta fries - wow!!

Crispy Cauliflower Burgers & Fresh Mango and Strawberry Popsicles Delicious Links
7/7/14 09:49 AM

Oh, this might be what my kitchen needs - lovely eggshell cabinets (put in by the previous owner, no WAY am I changing them) but a too-dark muddy grey wall color. Hoping to paint the kitchen natural grey (Behr) like the rest of the place, but might take a flyer on the backsplash and go colorful!

One question: as it stands, our backsplash it the same paint color as the walls but in a glossy finish, like our bathroom. I've heard this is because of water - and glossy repells. n00b question, clearly: is this true: must we go gloss finish for backsplash and bath?

10 Painted Kitchen Backsplashes Kitchen Inspiration
7/3/14 09:24 AM

GASP. oh. Oh my.

Sophia's Rooftop View Over Paris House Tour
6/23/14 01:17 PM

Man, some days, it's just like, Eat the Rich. Sigh.

Anne Hathaway's Brooklyn \"Closet\" for Sale Design News
6/13/14 11:47 AM

What is the sound of a thousand clicks, from non-car-owning New York City parents-to-be?

Volvo Makes Inflatable Car Seat Design News
5/22/14 01:19 PM

ohhh. This looks amazing.

Recipe: Baked Brie with Herbed Artichokes Entertaining Recipes from The Kitchn
4/15/14 11:57 AM

I found that giving myself laundry time free from other things - errands, work, socializing - and making into something that was my own selfish time, for reading, made it less onerous for me. Also, I was more likely to not loathe the laundromat when I did ALL the laundry in ONE trip, rather than having to go there over and over with one or two small loads. I know that contravenes #1 (and my first point goes against #2...) but it's what works for me.

I like to take advantage of the things that make a laundromat better than home laundry: HUGE machines; multiple machines; big folding tables so I have room to fold right!

5 Quick Tips: Making Trips to the Laundromat Less of a Pain
4/10/14 04:07 PM

The Kiplinger's calculator asks me to save more than my monthly takehome each month, and have a nest egg in excess of 6 mil when I retire. Excellent, very realistic ;P

How Much Money Should I Be Saving Each Month? Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/17/14 12:48 PM

This looks delicious!

Recipe: Pudla (Indian Chickpea Crepes) Recipes from The Kitchn
2/7/14 02:25 PM

To me it's like a sweater or a teeshirt. In the right circumstance, each is perfect; in the wrong, each is wrong. I wouldn't wear a sweater in the summer just like I wouldn't put a fresh herb in the early phase of a slow-cooked sauce. I wouldn't go out in a teeshirt in the snow just like I wouldn't sprinkle dried basil on my tomato salad.

Can You Convince Me That Dried Herbs Have a Place In the Kitchen?
2/6/14 02:13 PM

RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman, too. Six years ago (ha! as above!) I might have indulged to toast his passing. Addiction is so very cruel.

White Russians and The Big Lebowski The Celluloid Pantry
2/4/14 01:36 PM

Throw them away. There's a limit to the merits of making a good go at using a bad ingredient.

Any Genius Ideas for Cooking with Pecan Pie-Flavored Pringles Chips? Good Questions
1/27/14 02:16 PM

Cocktails for me! ;)

What Can I Make With Whiskey Besides Cocktails? Good Questions
1/10/14 01:53 PM

We considered, but ultimately decided against, multiples of the Parsons low bookshelf from West Elm:||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_-NoMerchRules-_-

It was too small and low for what we needed, but might suit you in this application? Furthermore, it was a good jumping off point for us in what we might have wanted to DIY or emulate (or knock off...). Good luck!

Best Long, Low Bookshelf for Entry Corridor? Good Questions
11/13/13 10:30 AM

It is easy (and trendy, even, thanks to the less-meat "movement" seemingly on the ups these days) to make traditionally omnivorous sides vegetarian. Leave out the bacon; sub in veggie stock; mushroom gravy; the list goes impressively on, and it is not at all hard. Tell your family up front what the sitch is, offer to make sides that suit, and just eschew the main dish. As a long-time vegetarian in a family of omnis and vegans, we rethought our dishes and not a one of us ever went hungry. All sides save one were made vegan (mashed potatoes stayed buttery & creamy) and then it was up to us non-meateaters to simply not eat the turkey. Easy peasy, and peaceful.

How Do I Enjoy a Vegetarian Thanksgiving Without Freaking Out My Family? Good Questions
11/12/13 09:43 AM

"It is also the first Thanksgiving my uncle and his family will celebrate in the US after living 10 years abroad, and I really want to make it a memorable one. The problem is that no one in my family likes turkey and my mom is insisting on cooking a leg of lamb instead."

What would your uncle and his family like to eat? That's what should rule the day here. Ask what the guests of honor would like first, and then work out how to accommodate the turkey no one (but you?) wants.

How Can I Make Thanksgiving Special When My Family Hates Turkey? Good Questions
11/11/13 04:51 PM

This sounds delicious, and I love the idea of lingering over the end of a meal. I usually have truffles and port or sherry around....

After-Dinner Recipe: Hot Cranberry Punch with Sage & Peppercorns Recipes from The Kitchn
11/5/13 04:11 PM

ohhh, brilliant! I will have to pick one up...

The Odor-Absorbing Splatter Screen Product Review
10/10/13 11:23 AM

yummmmmm I love strong, stinky cheese! I see a trip to Murray's in my future!

A Classic French Stinker: Livarot Cheese The Cheesemonger
10/4/13 04:40 PM