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This is so original and nice :-)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Charlotte Mann's Illustrated Decor
10/8/09 04:02 AM

It's very cozy and pleasant. I like the deck tiling and the contrast with the green chairs.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | My Great Outdoors: Margaret's 2-Balcony Kitchen Garden
6/30/09 09:00 AM

How big and nice succulents :-) Congratulations

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | My Great Outdoors: Third Nature Studio's Roof Deck
6/24/09 03:21 AM

This sink is so beautiful. Especially for an outside sink is the perfect one!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | My Great Outdoors: Eileen's Long-Awaited Outdoor Sink
6/24/09 02:34 AM

It's so nice and "fairy" :) I really liked your garden!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | My Great Outdoors: Kim's Ever-Changing Garden
6/24/09 02:34 AM

It's really nice. So calm and peaceful.

Apartment Therapy DC | My Great Outdoors: Amanda's Yard Garden
6/9/09 03:40 AM

I really liked your appartment, a man can feel the living there.
Ohh and the blue kitchen is so nice :)

Apartment Therapy New York | International Finalist: Marcus and Mel's Charming Flat
5/14/08 11:50 PM

Yes, it is from Ikea

Flower Box Awards: Roderick's Rooftop Boxes
8/4/07 08:04 AM

Thank you guys for all the comments :-) I am verry happy to have my flowers at AT and to read your comments.
boomer, actually I don't like very much the Melnik wine.
There is a sort of wine Mavrud which is typically Bulgarian. I think the Bulgarian red wines are better than the white ones.
tin_angel, although in bulgaria there is no IKEA still, we the bulgarians go shopping in Thessaloniki(Greece). I like this candle lantern very much :-)(the table is also from IKEA)
gekko this little BBQ is not very typical design. I bought it from a German Shopping Super Markets which are in Bulgaria. It is not very convinient but is enough for some pair of stakes :) And unfortunately in Bulgaria BBQ on the balcony, is not so usual as in US or in Germany (I have livde there before)
Thank you abby for the good words!!

Outdoor Home: Rossitca's Bulgarian Beauty
6/20/07 10:38 PM