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Charleston, SC - I'm vacationing there next month!
Savannah, GA - Need non-touristy destination for our next trip there
New Orleans - Hmmmmm

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | The Kitchn's City Food Guides (So Far) Artisans, markets, and best shops for cooks
8/14/09 05:00 PM

Cool idea....check out McMaster and Carr, they have everything as far as construction is concerned.


Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Trolly Wheels For Hanging Message Board? Los Angeles
3/26/09 10:10 PM

What a jerk? He's a hack designer that can't work with anyone and no amount of editing could hide those facts. 'Creative Design Consultant'.....wow, how long did it take to come up with that job title!?

Apartment Therapy - HGTV Design Star: Fallen Star Robb Mariani
9/11/07 07:51 PM

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one with mixed feelings about West Elm. I've always thought that their products (well, most) was this mix of modern and Japanese design, and not in a good way. I wasn't shocked when I went into their store and discovered that alot of the furniture didn't look like it was built well. Guess I'll have to stick to Ikea.

Apartment Therapy - What's your take? West Elm Fall 2007 catalog
8/28/07 08:07 PM

the suburbs of Wash,DC (Alexandria,VA)

Apartment Therapy - August is Escapes Month!
8/27/07 06:51 PM

One of the most beautiful homes I've seen on this website. It's amazing how some tastefully arranged items can contribute to a great design and a wonderful environment.

Apartment Therapy - Hot Post: Polly Ben's Sherman Oaks Shangri-La
8/19/07 06:10 PM

Take my advice, if you really love the colors of those two lines, just try to get their fan decks or color samples before they disappear and just have your local supplier match the color. Personally I hate the quality of the RL paints although the colors and concepts were interesting, but I used it on a project once and it turned out HORRIBLE.

Janovic Kills Ralph Lauren: Benjamin Moore is Spoiler
8/8/07 08:24 PM

Really, who's tiles are used as the backsplash for the kitchen. I'm really liking it!

Inside Out: Alysia and David Get Sponsored by Dwell
8/6/07 06:49 PM

Wow, moving forward with a plan for your kitchen is extremely risky and crazy(but in a good way). Hope you guys have a sense of humor/adventure in you.
I love the idea of having just base cabinets and just having open shelving. I've always loved the kitchen in Jerry's apartment in the show Sienfeld. I would suggest putting a twist to it by doing base cabinets with a really nice countertop that is a nice contrast with the walls. For upper shelving, either invest in some really nice floating wall shelves or maybe do something alittle different by using Ellen's Brackets http://www.mockett.com/default.asp?ID=4&action=detail&partCode=SH9VS75with really nice wood shelves so that you can keep the air feel of the space especially with the light from the garden and the low ceilings. Stick with light colors or off white with one really good accent wall with tile or a accent paint color.

Good Questions: Kitchen Showroom Recommendations?
8/6/07 06:31 PM

I usually get the catalog in the mail but usually it's a few weeks after it's been released. So I usually end up with 2 since I usually go to the store every other month.

BTW....I guess from the look of the images above, the 80's are, in fact, make a comeback.

IKEA Catalog 2008
8/3/07 08:15 PM

I have to admit it, I too held back the tears when GR offered to pay for Julia's culinary school training. She may have not been the best chef but she had heart and determination and showed the most progress throughout the show. Plus, you have to love the fact that the Waffle House cook outlasted some professional chefs! YOU GO GIRL!

Hell's Kitchen: Down to the Final Three
7/25/07 08:20 PM

I read an article a few weeks ago that basically exposed Jag's questionable service record and whether or not he graduated from cooking school. I have to say, he's the type of guy I would not mind going out with for a few beers but I wouldn't watch him if he had his own show. The tv thing just didn't come naturally to him. Nice guy though, I think he'll have a great future in someone's kitchen.
I would have to agree that there isn't much diversity at the food network in terms of the hosts or the food that is prepared. I thing that may be why I enjoy shows like Paula Deen and Nigella Lawson, since they seem to work outside of the box the other chefs/cooks seem to be working within. And yes, I know they cover Italian but there's more cultures out there to explore. (BTW, Simply Deliciouso is SIMPLY ANNOYING!)
But, I can not help but spend my Saturday and Sunday mornings watching the food network and dreaming of the day that I can live in a house like Ina Garten's house and invite Paula, Rachel and Elton over for lunch and cocktails in the garden. Oh well, I guess I'll have to stick to chinese takeout and Apartment Therapy.

Next Food Network Star's Switcheroo
7/16/07 07:51 PM

For all the people who like to trash Ikea and refuse to shop there, where do you recommend finding inexpensive but well designed, simple furnishings? Please don't say 'Craigslist'! I've been searching for a relatively inexpensive ( /- $500) 5-6 drawer dresser for months and can not find one. Crate and Barrel is either the right price but too small or the right fit but cost but too expensive (sorry, I'm not spending $1200 on a dresser).
Room and Board is my dream store but I can fork over that much money either. What would you suggest as an alternative to Ikea?

Tips: Shopping at IKEA
7/9/07 07:36 PM

I'm jealous too! Maybe I should save my penny's a get a little place in the country. I can use the escape right now.

Flickr Finds: Martha's Country House Library
7/8/07 02:34 PM

Yes, with a dog and a cat living in a house with very little air circulation, we need to use something to help the pet smell. I would love some suggestions on scents that improve the smell of the house but are also light and air. We use scent candles but I would like something that can go 24x7 but not smell like my grandma's house.

From AT: ChicagoOur other site that covers the Midwest
6/20/07 05:25 PM