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Great looking room. We also went with gray for our nursery. Is that the Orbit bassinet peaking out in the corner of the second picture? If so, are you using it for sleeping and do you use the buckle strap every time?

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Brooklyn, NY

9/23/10 08:25 AM

I just got the Netgear Readynas NV . I picked it because it offers RAID capabilities with 4 drive slots for plenty of room. It is on-the-fly expandable using the x-raid feature so you can just pop in a new, larger drive as you go. Having a NAS provides benefits if you have multiple computers in your home network that all need to access files. The NAS provides a central, networked location to store and distribute those files. In my situation it is very useful b/c you can store your music on it and stream it to a Sonos system without having to have a computer on and running. I think the amount of storage you need and how you need to distribute it are the two key issues.

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4/24/09 12:23 PM

Favorite movie soundtrack is Kingdom of Heaven.

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10/16/08 09:42 AM

What is the patio furniture? Is it from Frontgate?

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9/5/08 06:23 AM

Is that the CB2 patio set (or some other lounge set) and what do you think of it?

Our walls on our rooftop deck are a soft blue, but I would love gray especially with your white cushions.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: Painting a Rooftop Patio?
9/3/08 12:08 PM

Go to Sayulita! I second faq's suggestion, we also stayed at Villa Amor. They have some larger villas there or there are also lots of vacation rental houses in the area I think. We went there two years ago at Christmas/New Years and it was wonderful. Small town square with nice, casual restaurants. Beach isn't the most beautiful in the world, but it is nice and not too crowded. Overall a great place with a very laid back vibe.

You can see our pics here:

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8/26/08 01:41 PM

The deck faces east towards the lake. It can get pretty warm in the late morning, but by early afternoon you begin to get shade near the wall so it isn't too bad. I like having it open so the plants can get the full sunlight and it also feels larger than if it was enclosed.

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7/2/08 04:46 AM

The containers are from Jayson Home & Garden. The pot with the false cypress is out of stock now and they won't be getting any more in this season. You can see it on their website if you look under containers. They are both a lite terrazo type material and the one with the betula they just got a whole new batch in last weekend.

As for the dog comments, whatever. Please explain how this is designed "selfishly" just for humans and "does not look dog friendly". Note that nowhere in my flickr stream does it claim this is dog friendly. My dog does happen to love it out there though. Spare me the "poor dog" comment too, you know nothing about how he is treated so don't make assumptions. You know what they say when you ASSume ;)

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Flickr Finds: Jeremy's Dog-Friendly Deck
6/20/08 02:15 PM

I just installed a 8 foot by 14 foot area of green roof on our rooftop using the Green Grid system this weekend. They offer a DIY kit for homeowners. You do the installation yourself and each module is 2 feet by 2 feet and comes with the plastic tray, a bag of lightweight potting mix, and 9 sedum plants. They offer a few different plant "mixes" based on the type of sedum plants you want. The modules were easy to install/plant and once the plants fill in I think it will look great.


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6/3/08 07:29 PM

I have the silver orbs and they are great.

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5/27/08 08:45 AM

I went with on-wall to avoid the hassle of installation and also b/c personally I found the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers cheesy, but that is just personal style preference. I have the orb audio classic 2 setup in the steel finish and have been really happy with it.

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4/22/08 04:16 PM

If you go with the linksys you can flash it with opensource firmware that will allow you to boost the signal some. It won't double the range or anything, but it could give you just a little extra distance.

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4/16/08 03:45 PM

I agree that outdoor furniture is ridiculously hard to find if you want something that isn't cheap but is still reasonably priced.

Check out this set from Crate and Barrel:

Unfortunately they only offer it in orange now, the version I have is all black and only cost about $200. It is not exactly cheap now, but for a table and two comfortable chairs it is pretty reasonable. We have it on our back deck and it is great for morning coffee or evening wine drinking.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Outdoor Chairs Under $200
4/3/08 12:17 PM

Check out west elm. Their line is pretty modern looking. Unfortunately the quality is less than great, but if you are looking for less expensive stuff it was about the only place we found that had modern wood outdoor furniture that wasn't outrageously priced.

Here is a picture of some of it on our deck:

Apartment Therapy New York | Buena Park Outdoor Seating from CB2
3/14/08 12:42 PM

We have had Sonos for over a year now and love it. Yeah the remote could be a little prettier, but for overall experience I don't think you can beat it. And it is super simple. You don't have to worry about wiring either, unless you want to have in-wall or on-wall mounted speakers with the sonos hidden in a closet. It is pricey, but I think well worth it. Combining it with a Rhapsody subscription and Pandora makes a killer system that is perfect.

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3/7/08 08:59 AM

I am assuming he is referring to an antennae to pick up over the air hd channels. Even if you don't have cable or satellite you can still get hd signals from many stations. If the tv is a recent purchase it should have a built in digital tuner so all you need is a decent antennae. I just bought a new hdtv that isn't installed yet so haven't had a chance to check out what would work best. You have to decide if you want an indoor or outdoor antennae then determine the appropriate one off of that. There is a good antennae website that will tell you what channels you are likely to be able to get given your address, but I can't remember where I saw it.

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Good Questions: HDTV Tuner Recommendations
2/4/08 06:01 AM

It is holding up very well. They provide a 10 year guarantee against fading. I didn't use any adhesive or anything else to hold it to the roof, but it seems to stay in place pretty well. This also allows us to take it up in winter to cut down on the fading.

We have set up some sling chairs on it a few times and watch the moon! It really is pretty realistic looking and doesn't feel bad to walk around on in bare feet.

Apartment Therapy - AT on... Astroturf, or A Green Drama
8/29/07 07:06 AM

She should have checked out a product like SYNLawn for her roofdeck. Not sure how "green" it is, but would likely last longer than either the FLOR or outdoor carpet. We used it with our roofdeck.

I am confused though why she would need to cover decking with something. Isn't the point of a deck to be outdoors? You can see pictures of our synlawn here.

Apartment Therapy - AT on... Astroturf, or A Green Drama
8/28/07 03:13 PM

You can see more directly for Loll at http://www.lolldesigns.com/seating.php

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8/27/07 10:34 AM

That sucks Jessica. Sorry to hear about your roof. I would second what elvedon said. You need to be sure you deal with your insurance company quickly before you do anything else.

Luckily we made it through the storm without damage, but the trees in the neighborhood didn't do so well.

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8/24/07 07:50 AM