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I swear by replacing my insect screen on the southern and western windows with Phifer solar screen. It's like suddenly shading those windows and preventing heat gain. It's easier than getting awnings and works better than pulling the shades down. It's a small investment in time and money with immediate gratifying improvement in comfort.

10 Ways To Save Energy When Air Conditioning Is A Must
6/20/14 06:31 PM

Another option to blackout curtains is to use Phifer's SunScreen instead of the standard insect screen, especially for southern and western facing windows. It not only darkens the room somewhat (not oppressively so), it blocks heat gain, dramatically cutting your energy bill.


Sleep Better with Black-Out Curtains: Sources for Buying & Making Them
5/9/14 02:59 PM

If buying, you can ask or make an offer to your seller for pieces of furniture / heck, artwork. We (the downsizing sellers) were so relieved when our buyers wanted large pieces of furniture we had no use for and frankly dreaded the prospect of unloading somehow.

How To Get Free Furniture: 4 Ideas
2/28/14 11:08 AM

We stayed overnight at a FLW home, Duncan House, when visiting Falling Water. Check out Polymath Park at http://www.polymathpark.com/
It's one thing to tour, another thing to stay at the home and experience all the thoughtful arrangement of space and light, especially as it changes at dusk and early morning.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses
American Style

7/4/13 12:24 PM