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Where do you cut things??? I would have put in a cooktop with the flat electric top, so at least you could put a cutting board somewhere.

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11/30/07 10:29 AM

I would consider painting the rail the same color as the main body of your walls. Right now, the rail is really chopping your room off. I'm not opposed to the two-tone concept, but having that stripe makes your room look shorter than it is.

Have fun!

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11/29/07 06:01 AM

Although the picture you have above the fireplace is really cute, I agree that this is the natural location for the TV. I would buy or make a wood frame to fit over the TV (it should be thicker that the TV itself) and stretch a pretty fabric across it. That way, you can cover the TV or have it exposed.

Good luck!

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10/1/07 12:14 PM

One of the girl silhouettes was installed in a model unit I viewed, and I thought it was a little weird to have a person on the wall... kinda spooky.

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9/18/07 11:18 AM

yeah, what's going on with that comment up there?

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9/12/07 10:40 AM

i think the pictures are confusing me but... it seems like there's enough space in the toilet room for the sink and everything. can you use the part on your plan labelled "bathroom" as a dressing room or office?

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8/30/07 01:28 PM

Joey, Machine Age in Boston may know something about your piece as well.

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8/17/07 08:57 AM

Anusha73, good point. If you like the lighting that you get with your current fixture, why not go with super small pin lights that give you multiple points of light. You could hang them in a circle or in a line.

Like this fixture:

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8/15/07 10:57 AM

I would turn your desk 90 degrees to be under the window, so that your chair doesn't bump in to the end table. Plus I would hate to see your desk block part of the fireplace. And I would put the TV across from the sofa where #7 is so you can watch without straining your neck. With the TV where #7 is, the #7 lamp you buy should go between the wall and armchair- great for reading. The floor lamp should be a delicate piece so it doesn't block your view when you walk in to the room. Have fun!

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8/10/07 07:49 AM

We are using the Tech Lighting Elements Firefrost on a condo project here in Boston, and they look great installed.

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8/3/07 08:08 AM

I suggest aligning your furniture centered with the fireplace. That way, there could be a sort of "access corridor" to the french doors. A nice rug/mat in front of the doors could emphasize this. Then against the wall next to the fireplace at the end of the "access corridor" put a table or even a bookshelf. It would help if the furniture was thinner in proportion because the space doesn't appear that wide.
Good luck!

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8/2/07 09:54 AM

You could make big squares and at the seams put pink piping. That would be a way to make the seams deliberate but still subdued.

Thanks for the fabric link- they have great stuff!

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8/1/07 07:43 AM

Reason #1463 why value engineering sucks. I think both projects are fun.

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7/31/07 12:22 PM

Ooo la la, chrishelms I like your idea! I've seen this done to cover an entire storage wall, and it really looks nice.

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7/27/07 06:44 AM

I like the idea of flanking the sofa with the lamps you have. I would look in to different shades for them, though. The ones you have now are a bit BRIGHT- perhaps an off white or cream would warm them up a bit?

Also (off topic, sorry), is it just me or are your rugs too small for your space?

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7/24/07 11:37 AM

Careen, me too! Recently I was cat sitting for friends and was so bothered by their bedroom/den that I drew up a furniture plan. They were totally wasting useable space. At first I was reluctant to give my suggestions fearing that they would be insulted. I finally did show them the plan one night. They called me a few days later, said that they rearranged using my plan, and love it!

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7/24/07 10:01 AM

Edwin-Switzerland is SO right. It looks like a very small room, but if it's possible I highly recommend allowing your bed to stand alone on a wall and the dresser on another. Right now, the dresser is taking over.

If it can't be moved to another wall, then take it out of the room for a while and decide what you want to do with the bedding. After all, it's a BEDroom. Make the bed the focus and the dresser a pretty, complimentary piece of furniture in the room.

Good luck!

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7/22/07 07:56 AM

Fabio- very bold color choice! I like. Look at how the yellow looks next to the white trim. CRISP! Then compare it to the yellow next to your couch. CLASH!

I see two options: keep the walls and do a white slip cover with tan pillows OR keep the door wall yellow and the couch tan but paint the wall behind the couch white.

I also think a big, graphic pattern on the couch pillows would bring the room to life. Good luck!

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7/20/07 08:29 AM

I've had the Dexter couch for 3 years now. We bought it right out of college, so Lazy Boy's financing and delivery was an attractive deal. Although I wouldn't buy this couch again (for aesthetic reasons), it's been a good couch. It's light and for the most part the pads are still firm. You have to adjust the placement of the seams on the back from time to time- they tend to get pulled down when you sit in it. The legs are removable, which helped on moving day when we discovered our hallway was only 27" wide!

Honestly, for the price, I would probably go with something like the sofa beds from Bo Concept. I regret that our couch doesn't fold down. My friends have this one and love it. Good luck!

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7/18/07 10:57 AM

I agree, Shannon in SF. Thank you for your efforts, Maxwell and the AT teams! The design workplace can be tough and heated; I enjoy my safehaven here in this online community.

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7/17/07 11:19 AM