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I second RearrangeManiac. I was wondering if anyone knows of a European equivalent to any of the sites mentioned above. I recently moved to Holland from the states and have found only high end rug sources.

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5/17/14 01:29 AM

how do you get around unwanted wallpaper in a rental? I have a small bathroom with wallpaper I don't care for. I can't remove it and I'm not sure how to obscure it without damaging it.

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4/26/14 01:06 PM

I would photograph them at a high enough resolution that you could re-print if you wanted in the future. Just store the art on your computer instead of your home. I've been cutting my daughters works on paper into 5x5" squares and framing them for mothers/fathers day gifts.

Storing Large-Scale Children's Artwork
Good Questions

6/10/11 01:54 PM

very sweet room! would you mind telling me about the little crib-side circular table with the lamp on it? I've seen posts about this piece on here and regular AT but I can't seem to find the name now that I need it.

Zea's Scandi Nursery
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5/14/11 11:43 PM

I like the concept - I also like this artist who is doing something very similar:
She goes a step further with using great technique in lighting and post-process to make the photos actually look like they're from the same era.

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Ze Frank

2/24/11 04:39 PM

i love the colors! would you mind sharing where you bought the little quilt (shown in the last pic)?

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1/4/10 01:51 PM

I second the silver poof. Do we know where it's from?

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10/7/09 11:17 PM

Darn! I'm a new parent and was just thinking about subscribing. That's too bad... it would be nice if they at least kept the website.

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10/5/09 12:49 PM

Great room! Could you tell me where you got your cube ottomans?

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10/5/09 12:46 PM

thank you all for the helpful suggestions and feedback.

I'd definitely leave the floors bare if my daughter didn't slip so much (even in babylegs). She's a big girl and is belly-flopping a bunch. Also, as some of you noted- the walking stage is going to come with some falls and it might be good to have a little cushioning.

I'm going to try out the FLOR idea and see how that goes. Also interesting; one step ahead makes their foam puzzle pieces in natural wood:

Thanks again-- I appreciate everyone's comments.

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9/24/09 07:31 PM