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The Zippi is The Best! I have two of them. I gave one to my mom a few years ago, and she is still thanking me for it.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Shopping for Stylish Fans with Ron Rezek The New York Times
8/9/09 10:58 PM

I spoke with Andrew Wilkinson about 4 years ago when I was looking for a new home. I had seen a wonderful little apartment on Bleecker Street that he designed for a young couple, and it blew me away. It was only 400 sq feet, if that big, but it felt luxurious. I called him, and he could not have been nicer or more charming. He appears to truly love what he does. He's not cheap, but he certainly respects a budget, and he loves to get the most for your dollar.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Small Space Solutions from Architect Andrew Wilkinson Metropolitan Home
9/8/08 07:52 PM

I also love Method's products, but I was disappointed to see sodium laureth sulfate listed as the number 2 ingredient in this soap. Isn't this one of the toxins we're all supposed to avoid?

Apartment Therapy New York | Method Creamy Hand Wash
3/9/08 11:25 AM

I had a good experience with a service in Manhattan called Lend a Hand. Their website is www.lahny.com, and their phone number is 212-614-9118. This service has been around for many years, and quite a few aspiring performers and writers supplement their incomes by working for it. The gentleman they sent me did a terrific job.

Best of luck to you in your search, and I do wish you good karma. You and G have a lot to deal with, and you're wise to seek help.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Recommendations for a Housekeeper?
1/15/08 01:38 PM

Viva Terra?


Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread: 577
12/6/07 09:53 AM

If you are allowed to attach brackets to the wall, you could try Elfa shelving. Done correctly, it actually looks quite nice in a high-tech sort of way, and it's sturdy. Also highly customizable. I got mine from The Container Store on 6th Ave. The staff there could not have been nicer or more helpful.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find the Perfect Bookcase?
12/6/07 06:00 AM

Does anyone know of a good, cheap messenger service that could pick up / deliver an 8x10 carpet from ABC Carpet on 19th & Broadway? I want to test one of their rugs in my home, which is on East 15th Street. ABC is happy to lend me the rug, but wants to charge $69 to deliver, and another $69 to pick it up again. $140 to borrow a rug overnight - four blocks away!
I'm willing to do the shlepping myself, but then I remembered that rugs are heavy........


Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread: 577
12/6/07 05:00 AM

I don't have any experience with these, but LL Bean has a collection called "Ultralight" that might do the trick for the occasional sleepover. Here's a link to the sleeper chair: http://www.llbean.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/CategoryDisplay?page=ultralight-sleeper-chair&categoryId=23539&storeId=1&catalogId=1&langId=-1&parentCategory=4811&cat4=502203&shop_method=pp&feat=4811-tn

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Chair That Can Converted into a Bed?
12/5/07 01:16 PM


Step away from the scissors.................

You can't find anyone who can do this, because they all know better.

You're not alone, though. Years ago, my father (a very practical man) got a phenomenal deal on a huge antique Persian carpet. It was about a foot too long for our den, so he wanted to just lop off one end. Fortunately, my mother wouldn't let him. Several years later, my mother bought a new rug for the den. The gentleman who owned the carpeting store & delivered the new rug gasped when he saw the old rug, and offered my mom several thousand dollars for it on the spot. She didn't take it, and the rug is in storage, but she's very happy she kept my dad from mutilating it. So am I!

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Is It Possible To Trim Down This Rug?
11/28/07 12:16 PM

I have several of these - two in the fridge, others in a bookcase. They're great, and they take up much less space than standard wine bottle holders.

One caveat- they don't accommodate larger bottles, like the ones for champagne.

Apartment Therapy - Houdini Wine Rack by Metrokane
11/20/07 11:36 AM

I'm so glad I saw this post! Not because I plan to buy this binder; where would I put it? Nope, I'm going to grab me some binder clips before I leave the office. Thanks for the ideas, guys!

Apartment Therapy - Take Out Menu Organizer at The Spoon Sisters
10/3/07 01:35 PM

I used a foam topper for awhile. Yes, it made the bed more comfortable in the winter, but once the warm weather came around, it became impractical. Foam retains heat, and that was the last thing I needed. The topper is now rolled up in a big plastic bag in my storage space (want it? seriously, if you're in NYC, it's yours for the asking). Now, I confess that I bought one of the cheap ones on Overstock.com, so maybe that was a factor. But given the heat experience, and the yucky outgassing when I first opened it, I would have to say that I'm over my foam curiosity.

Apartment Therapy - Good Question: Is Memory Foam Good For Sex the Earth?
9/4/07 02:32 PM

Same here. The linens are nice, but where can I get those slipper chairs??

Apartment Therapy - NY Gift Fair: Unison Bedding
8/22/07 08:31 AM

Gorgeous, but expensive ($985), and apparently backordered until the next millennium. They're not even taking pre-orders.

Apartment Therapy - Alex Crib by Ducduc
8/20/07 11:26 AM

Thanks, everyone! Mom is working on this (I'm acting as her assistant, answering questions like, "Who is Mitchell Gold? Does he have a phone number?"). I'll let you know what the final result is.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: Replacement Mattress for Sofa Bed?
8/16/07 11:30 AM

I have this liner, and I love it! It's durable - I've sent it out with my regular laundry, and it comes back in fine condition. Much nicer than those nasty, outgassing vinyl mold habitats. It also looks much nicer under a nice fabric shower curtain than a sheet of cheap vinyl.

Can you tell that I hate vinyl shower curtains?

Apartment Therapy - Best Products: Hotel Shower Curtain Liner
8/16/07 11:27 AM

Is Veterans Caning still around? They recaned a set of chairs for me a few years ago, and did a good job. Not cheap (at all!), but they do good work. Last address I could find for them:

Veterans Caning Shop Inc
550 W 35th Street - New York, NY

Good Questions: Who Made My Great Rope Chair?
8/13/07 05:53 PM

I like Yuzu's idea the best, but it might be prudent to give potential guests some guidelines ("mysteries good; Harlequin romances bad; no paperbacks; I already have all the Harry Potters"). NY Magazine had a great article a few weeks back called "The Best Novels You’ve Never Read" - http://nymag.com/arts/books/features/2007/32390/
Some really good suggestions here. If Moore buys any of these for the client, I want to visit!

If I were Moore's client, I would display some nice objets' on my shelves for now, and then have a fabulous time in the months and years ahead buying signed copies of new books at all the great bookstores in town. Check NY Mag and the New Yorker for lists of free readings.

Any Jonathan Schwartz fans out there? If so, and if you're like me, you're probably humming that great song "The Books" from "Brownstone the Musical".

"I'll never move out of my apartment
I'll never move out of my apartment
It's not the noise at night that keeps me here;
it's not the neighborhood I love
It's not the fear of someplace new,
at least I don't think so.....

It is



It's the books....

it's the rows and rows and rows and rows of books....

Good Questions: How To Start a Book Collection?
7/19/07 04:53 PM

Any possibility of getting a do-over on this thread? It was sort of hijacked by the whole rent control/stabilization rant. I was fascinated by yesterday's article, and I would love to know what other people thought of it. I own a small co-op in a 1960 white brick building and I would love to see a productive discussion about retrofitting such a building with new technologies.

NYT: Greener Buildings?
7/16/07 03:22 PM

Stacks and Stacks has this for $179.00:


Folding Work Table by Metro Shelving
6/22/07 09:05 AM