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i just got the west elm piece with the white doors and i love it! though i got the larger model with the open shelving on the right. all of my video, cable, & game system components fit in it the cabinet easily -- plus with room for tapes, dvd's etc. i've had some issues with west elm furniture in the past, but this one is great.

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12/21/07 11:17 AM

i saw an almost identical statement credited to george carlin recently. reminds me of that kurt vonnegut thing that he supposedly read at some ivy league school's graduation ceremony that was passed around the web for a while.


a snippet:

A wonderful Message by George Carlin:
The paradox of our time in history is that we have taller buildings but shorter tempers, wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints. We spend more, but have less; we buy more, but enjoy less. We have bigger houses and smaller families, more conveniences, but less time. We have more degrees but less sense, more knowledge, but less judgment, more experts, yet more problems, more medicine, but less wellness.

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12/17/07 11:25 AM

But ... where do I put my elbows?

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10/30/07 10:45 AM

I don't think that providing an "on/off comments" option will necessarily make the contest better. The way I see it, if you are entering a contest on AT, you are putting yourself in the public eye on a site that is in many ways centered around members' commentary. Negative & harsh feedback is most certainly going to come -- but you will also receive positive, supportive feedback as well.

The thing is, there are a few members who are pretty consistent about their nasty, cranky comments. And, they consistently get shut down by the rest of us who are a little less biased.

If you want to enter an AT contest, you obviously have confidence in your home decor. If people don't agree with your taste or style and are asses about it in their comments, I don't know why you would let that affect you. But, if you really can't take it, just don't read the comments left about your entry. Or don't enter.

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10/22/07 09:33 AM

Bo Concept has a beautiful one called Limo that has drawers as an option -- http://www.boconcept.us/Beds-75737.aspx

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10/19/07 06:42 AM

monarda, Grazie for your response! I wish my written Italian were better because I would have written the exact same thing. When I lived in Italy, I learned how intimidating and humbling it can be to not speak or write a language when you want to express yourself intelligently.

I'm embarassed by the reactions of so many of the posters here. msjessica is completely right. if the situation were reversed, the italians would most certainly be able to read english.

that being said, what is this contest about? the process or the results? if it's purely the aesthetics of the space, why is it so necessary to read and understand the accompanying text?

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10/18/07 07:22 AM

Monica. I love that idea. I wanna copy you and get some with my Bichon's paws.

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10/17/07 06:26 AM


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10/10/07 09:17 AM

i like the kitchen, and there is potential in other parts, but that coke room reminds me of an airport diner. and the rug in the first picture makes me long for a spiral perm and a big can of extra super hold aqua net.

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10/3/07 10:23 AM

Seriously hejiranyc -- If you don't have something nice to say .... This was about the blik contest, not the decor of the kitchen.

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9/25/07 08:31 AM

though the all yellow would most certainly make me crazy after a while (however, i'm 36 and far removed from my more easy-going re: decor college self), my first reaction was, "Fun!"

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9/14/07 11:04 AM

i love this idea in theory, but i think in reality i would grow tired of reading the same quote over and over. though, if they're affordable enough (i didn't check pricing) maybe you could swap 'em out on a regular basis.

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9/14/07 10:56 AM

how does one get a job as a window opener/coffee, juice & paper deliverer? what does a job like that pay? what kind of educational requirements are involved? can this woman financially manage to "delight in travel and to pursue her studies" after retiring from window opening/coffee, juice & paper delivering?

i'm fascinated.

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9/12/07 11:35 AM


My name is Susan Kent and you should totally pick me. I would love to have two sets of flock -- one in midnight & one in graphite. For my third set I would like iron vines in tangerine. My girlfriend, Erica, and I are in process of buying our first home and we have no budget for decorating. How tragic is that? We're so excited about being homeowners, but knowing we'll have to wait at least a year to decorate is a bummer.

Erica and I love these decals and have been forwarding blik links to each other with, "when we get money, let's get these" messages. I would love to surprise her with our own flock of birds.

Seeing those birds on our new walls will bring us such happiness and isn't that what this contest is all about? Plus, I believe I'm the only entrant who offered her full name. That's gotta count for something.

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9/10/07 07:58 AM

my god -- is there anything those kids at mac can't do? i swear, i just want to grab the entire mac design team and give them kisses on their brilliant little heads.

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9/7/07 05:37 AM

Not that this is a 9-11 forum but I know what you mean, Mason. I had a nightmare recently about 9-11 that made me realize I'm still very strongly affected by it. Much more so than I knew.

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9/6/07 07:58 AM

right on, nightwind. i think you should go for the monogram ESPECIALLY if your initials spell something funny.

or, maybe the bag in the photo isn't a monogram at all. maybe it's a warning message. as in, "i am an ass. watch out."

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8/15/07 10:01 AM

i like to surprise my guests with turn-down service. i turn the bed down, put a nice chocolate and a small flower on the pillow, turn on some nice, soft music and adjust the lighting.
it's one of my favorite things about staying in a hotel, so i pass along the joy.

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8/15/07 09:56 AM

was just flipping through the new chiasso catalog ...


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8/14/07 12:33 PM

jamaligarden.com sells river stone. i believe they have a few different colors to choose from. if you're in NYC they're in the floral market on 28th at 7th ave. also in the floral market is b. j. floral supplies on 28th closer to 6th ave. they've got stone as well. you can probably work some bulk deal with them.

Good Questions: Would you Use Stones or Tiles for the Bathroom Floor?
8/14/07 12:12 PM