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I worked on a project which took me on business trips to Calgary every few weeks for 5 years. As my project was drawing to a close, I wanted to bring home a meaningful souvenir so I went to a number of Calgary's art galleries. I ended up purchasing a limited edition silkscreen by a local Canadian artist from the 1960s from a gallery for $500. (Incidentally, the framing cost once I got the rolled work-on-paper home was another few hundred dollars!) I love it, though, and it hangs in my front hall, the first thing you see when you walk in the house.

That was the most "expensive" piece, but the one that took the most guts was my wife and I impulsively spending our last cash (about $75 USD I think) in Cusco, Peru, to purchase a beautiful oil painting of a woman gathering flowers. We had the canvas unmounted and we rolled the painting to put in our backpacks. The cost to re-stretch and frame it once we got back to the States was WAY more than the painting! But we love it, and it also hangs prominently in our front hall!

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5/8/14 10:58 AM

Any idea who manufactured the dresser? I have a desk I picked up at a garage sale that matches it and I'm curious about its origin.

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7/3/13 09:51 AM

The link to the dresser from Room and Board is for a similar "look-alike" to the piece in the photo. I'm asking if anyone knows what the dresser in the photo is because I have a desk that matches it and I'm looking for clues as to its origin.

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7/3/13 09:35 AM

Do you know what vintage the dresser is and what company made it? We picked up a desk in that same design from a garage sale a few yeas ago for $20. Same wood...same drawers...same legs...same metal medallion... As far as I remember, we didn't see a label on it when we bought it, and I've always wondered what it was.

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7/3/13 08:50 AM