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I'm also for drapes that start from the ceiling. The details are lovely but hard...wood beams, straight lines, brick wall. I think the curtains would add a nice balance with a bit of softness and of course distract from the low windows.

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11/1/07 12:08 PM

I have the same problem coupled with being one level above the street. I hung dark lined curtains and butted them with lightweight sheers...looks like a reverse oreo cookie. When I want to sleep I pull the darks across the windows, and when I want light (with a little privacy) I sandwich them in the middle and pull the sheers.

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7/17/07 11:17 AM

I suggest using tape (or finding stick on shapes) to create a pattern on the doors and drawers; the pattern you create could be a good way to incorporate your Middle Eastern decor. Then paint over the entire piece and remove the tape (keep in mind when you choose the piant that the light wood color will be your "pattern"). Switch out the drawer pulls for something more along the lines of your decor. As for the mirror maybe you could use one of those sticky screens that are sold for windows in a nice pattern and cover it...or just deal with the fact that you have a ten foor mirror in your home. It's very Design on a Dime, but it seems like you're up for it :)

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6/20/07 07:03 AM