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Being a researchaholic, I settled upon late December being the best time to purchase. With most stores/credit cards, you should be able to take advantage of price protection to benefit from any last-minute Boxing Day sales.

I finally settled on IKEA of all places to get their top of the line (Erfjord) latex mattress, and I've never looked back. It's mostly natural latex (85%, 15% synthetic), and doesn't gas or disintegrate like memory foam. Neither will it sag like spring mattresses. And you can flip them to promote the longevity of the mattress.

AT on Erfjord: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/sf/beds-mattresses/reader-tip-sultan-erfjord-mattress-at-ikea-040391

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: The Best Time to Buy a Mattress?
12/17/08 04:21 AM

I think sealer used for natural stone tiles will work. They have matte and glossy versions, and glossy basically makes slate looks like wet slate.

Test it on an inconspicuous corner first though. Brick is extremely porous. You might have to end up going to clear epoxy for the super wet look. And that'll be tricky.

Apartment Therapy - Good Questions: How Can I Make My Brick Wall Shiny?
10/3/07 12:57 PM

I believe Ligne Roset's Togo Sofas have been using different densities of foam for a long time. My mom has an old old old set she bought about 20 years ago and it's still comfy and hasn't been beaten down into powder -- quite a feat for a sofa made entirely of foam.

Good Questions: Who has heard of Furniture made out of High Density Foam?
7/28/07 12:52 PM

I really like it too. It's an interesting alternative material, and I suppose time will tell how well it holds up. I suppose this is more an experiment based on a hunch than something that's done to elicit approval.

Of course, if this were all done in white marble instead of Corian, with the slots still present to allow modular-addons, I think the tone of the crowd would be quite different.

AFAIK, Corian is still cheaper than Marble.

David Giovannitti's Corian Light Well
6/19/07 06:55 PM