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Erin, my biggest embarrassment is also owning to o many Ikea items, but hey - it's cheap, cute and if it works... it works!

Your place looks so cozy, you've done a well job :)

Erin & Velcro's Crafty Urban Cottage
House Tour

5/27/11 02:23 PM

@ The Young Professional - Although I wasn't looking for a tall bar, I was looking for a "bench/plant holder". After looking everywhere and not being able to find something the right measurement and at the right price, I decided to buy a piece of pine wood (which will be stained this weekend) and put it over cylinder blocks. Looks a lot better than it sounds and was able to put it together for under $40! Good luck!

Stylish Patios and Yards
Inspiration Round Up

4/14/11 05:48 PM

One word: AMAZING!!!!

Sacha & Johan's High Risk / High Reward Home
House Call

11/12/10 12:46 PM

Oh my, while this is a lovely home; I'd be frighten over a conversation gone bad with all those knives!

Steven Arroyo's Think Tank
House Tour

11/12/10 12:40 PM

WOW - this house tour is by far one of the greatest. Small is often best :)

Good job!

Revisiting Natalie's Alcove Studio House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
6/15/10 01:09 PM

Oh my!!! This apartment is by far one of the best I've seen. Everything seems to fall right into place!

Great job!

Cameron Matt's Bright and Chic Modern House Tour | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/27/10 12:00 PM

Very nice looking kitchen, good job!

Julia's Efficient Brooklyn Studio Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2010 - Own Division | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/24/10 03:14 PM

I love the table set up in Maxwell and Sara Kates old apartment. So classy and simple!

Tables for Two in the Kitchen | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/24/10 03:11 PM

This is actually really cute and would look great on a darker wall where it can stand out!

Kitchen Art: Love, Laughter, Strong Coffee | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/21/10 01:54 PM

lol, I love the keyholder!

Cozy looking place!

Pablo and Rob's Woodsy Wanderlust House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/14/10 06:38 PM

Julie and James, your home is absolutely gorgeous!

James and Julie's Bernal BeautyHouse Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
5/13/10 01:37 PM

My gosh, everything is just lovely!!!

Sandy & Joe's Bewitching Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy New York
5/13/10 01:01 PM

@ nicolson - I agree with you; it does make a difference on who we choose to donate anything to.

Quick story: When my son was in 3rd grade (7th grade currently), Planet Aid came to his school and talked about its organization and who and how it helped others. I honestly didn't care where I was donating to as long as I didn't have to drive too far. One day we went to donate at Salvation Army and I was asked to come back the next day because the donations center was getting ready to close. This upset my son and I so much that we decided never to donate to them again. It makes a difference because these goods are supposed to help those in need; but their actions showed otherwise.

Even if we have to go out of our way, we donate to Planet Aid!

Here's their link:

Planet Aid (

After Spring Cleaning: Where To Donate Goods in LA | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
5/11/10 07:04 PM

Absolutely beautiful; you have done a great job!

Jim's Earthy Garden Apartment House Tour | Apartment Therapy Chicago
5/7/10 06:59 PM

Door Sixteen is one of my favorite blogs!

Anna has an amazing sense of style, not to mention in music too!

Inspiration: Simple Small Space Dining Door Sixteen | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
4/23/10 05:04 PM

Gorgeous... oh, the apartment too!

Small Cool 2010: Matt & Jac's Live/Work Space for 2 International Division # 14 | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/16/10 12:33 PM

lol @ patricks (the other one) comment!

This post came just in time as I'm re-doing my sons room, thanks!

AutoDesk Homestyler | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/15/10 03:55 PM


Where in LA did you find this great apartment???

Small Cool 2010: Nicole's Vintage Beauty Teeny Tiny Division # 4 | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
4/8/10 05:11 PM

Most homes in LA don't have basements :(
These pictures are beautiful, makes me want to move so that I can have a basement!

Use the Basement for More Space Canadian House & Home | Apartment Therapy Chicago
4/8/10 03:14 PM

Steve and Nancy,

Your place is lovely!

Steve and Nancy's Vintage Sunset Inspired Home House Tour | Apartment Therapy San Francisco
12/8/09 04:55 PM