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Terrific space. Warm and inviting--a good modern-rustic balance. Especially dig the Valentine typewriter, kitty, and banjo.

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4/23/12 07:20 PM

I'm originally from outside of Lisbon Falls, ME (the birthplace of Moxie) and even I'll agree that it's wretched. I have friends across the country who request shipments of it whenever I visit home. It's an obsession for some.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Lunch at Work: How Do You Keep Your Sandwiches from Getting Soggy?
6/18/09 04:36 PM

I was raised off the grid and have been living in cities for the past five years. My frustrations with unnecessary noise/urban living (blaring base, late parties on weeknights, never ending car alarms, smokers outside my bedroom window) have me packing for the woods again. I realize the city and all its inhabitants aren't going to change. More importantly, I realize I'm going to become an angry old lady way before my time if I keep living here.

Silence to me is not creepy at all; it's necessary. I've been sleeping to my white noise machine for years. I can't wait to give it away.

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6/15/09 03:55 PM

I too would rather have photos of strangers hung around my house than of family and friends. I have a large print of a photo I took at the ocean several years back with dozens of strangers in mid-swim. My all time favorite unknown picture is of a couple having lunch on a sail boat. I bought it in a charity shop in Stockholm and it's hung above my bed since. To me, it's much more intriguing to imagine the lives behind the subjects (particularly if they're now deceased). Group shots of my family and friends are better left on the fridge or my desk.

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6/12/09 05:43 PM

Birdablaze, my Sunday is eerily similar to yours! (Mr. Sarsgaard, cat, Fresh Air, etc.)

I'll also add that we spend mid-morning lounging on the front porch of our Maine home, him tossing down his latest script to help me rehearse for my highly-anticipated reading that night (I've just won the Yale Younger Poets Prize in my dreamy Sunday scenario.)

My reading goes smoothly, he looks on proudly from the audience and we host an after-hours soirée at our rustic/MCM house with fine Scotch and friends.

Naturally, we spend all Monday in bed.

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5/1/09 02:28 PM

I live between Central Square and Harvard Square in Cambridge.

The good: quick walk to Groliers, Raven and Harvard Square Books, fantastic little eateries, everything is bikeable, lovely architecture around each corner, quaint streets, the Charles, close enough to city hall to hear the church bells.

The bad: Basement apartment living due to the insane rents in this area. No reasonably-priced grocery store. The smell of Central (which I've strangely come to embrace.) My centaur neighbors upstairs.

I'm moving to rural Illinois in two months. Oh, the things I'll miss.

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4/29/09 02:45 PM

I'm moving from Boston to Illinois this summer for grad school. After selling everything during my last long-haul move, I've decided on UPack, a service very similar to PODS, but at a much cheaper rate. The whole thing, including one month of storage at their facility in IL, is costing me around $1,000. Granted, I'm only moving a small one bedroom, but still, it worked out to not much more than the U-Haul, without the massive hassle of trying to drive it all that way. They had great reviews on epinions, so I'm crossing my fingers for a positive experience.

I can't wait to live in a WHOLE apartment for the same price that I pay for a dingy room in a basement hole in Boston!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Save Money (and Sanity) During a Move
4/24/09 03:41 PM