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I had the same experience. I've been battling them for years. They send me things I didn't order without a return label. So far I've thanked them for the gift and reported them to the USPS and fair debt collection agencies. I get bills all the time that look like they're from a collection agency but turns out they're from Cooks Illustrated "Internal Collection's Department."

It's so sad because I really liked their publications but I'll never buy anything from them again.

7 Truly Last-Minute (Yet Awesome) Gifts for the Cook
12/17/10 07:50 PM

The others are all great colors but so bold and striking, the thought of living in them is overpowering. I see these photos and think "I could live here." Great harmony.

Jackie's "Santa Fe East" Kitchen
10/9/10 06:10 PM

Seriously?!? An interactive white board is *needed* to make lessons engaging? How about a chalk board, good lesson plan and a good teacher? It worked for millions of kids in the 70's and overall we're a pretty sharp and successful bunch. This request is doing a great disservice to teachers and students that really do *need* things like books and desks. Get real.

Apartment Therapy New York | Day 19: Help Us Support Public Schools in October! Can you give $5?
10/14/09 11:28 AM