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I found Cannell's article an interesting read and thought-provoking, though with a few hundred (or thousand) more words, he might have been able to make his argument more subtle. (That's the problem with newspapers and magazines to a large degree—space.) Moss's articulate response, however, came off as knee-jerk petulance, when he actually had some good ideas and observations; the aggrieved and defensive tone put me off.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Design a Depression: Moss' Rebuttal
1/8/09 04:16 PM

It's all Czech Cubism from the 1920s. Nothing new here.

Apartment Therapy Boston | Round Up: Faceted Decor
11/24/08 04:21 PM

Wallpaper the wall to give it some punch; presumably when you open the door, the photograph you submitted is what you see. Move the art elsewhere and hang a big butch mirror above that cabinet, something tall and wide, with a narrow plain frame that doesn't fight with the style of the cabinet. The lamp should be plain in terms of the base; the one you have now is neither here nor there, its pattern cancelled out by the pattern of the wood inlay. Think texture when you choose a lamp; maybe one with a base of woven rattan or wicker would be good, to contrast with the smoothness and geometry of the wood cabinet. Shade? Plain white; no need for anything else.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Good Questions: What Elements Can I Add To Make Alcove Come Alive?
9/4/08 08:44 AM

I think this so-called classic remains in cliché mode. Give it another decade before making the classic proclamation.

Apartment Therapy New York | Tomorrow's Email: New Views of this Woodsy Wallpaper
9/3/08 07:31 AM

1960s, vaguely English Regency if you ask me, mass-market, something Henredon would have produced or Baker.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Any Info. On This Chair?
8/6/08 07:10 AM

Lovely idea, but the chandelier is too small.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Look!: Powder Room Chandelier
8/5/08 01:04 PM

The Wisteria chair absolutely does not take any inspiration from the Wegner chair. Instead it appears much more closely related to faux-bois chairs of the 19th century, either carved to resemble roots and branches or cast in concrete for similar effect.

Apartment Therapy New York | Best of Three: Wegner Wishbone Chair Knock-offs
7/18/08 08:30 AM

that is a fantastic place ... i covet it!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Gregory Farmhouse by William Wurster
7/2/08 12:02 PM

This was a post about a house and a garden and being inspired by it. I'm sure the post wasn't intended to spark diatribes about the sexual peccadilloes and slave-owning history of the house's owner. Monticello is a beautiful building, period, and inspiring. But if commenters are going to devalue the place for its historical associations, might I suggest you also direct your wrath at the following locations and urge them to destroy or demolish everything in sight based on their having an association with slavery: Mount Vernon; Charleston; Washington DC; Boston; New York City; Atlanta; Stratford Hall; Arlington House; all the plantations on the James River; every historic house below the Mason-Dixon line, including the White House, which, like so many buildings in the South pre-1865, were built in part by slave labor; the cities of New Orleans, Natchez, Montgomery, Savannah, Athens, Birmingham, et cetera, et cetera. Good Lord, get over yourselves.

Apartment Therapy New York | Garden Inspiration from Thomas JeffersonEmail from 6.24.08
7/2/08 11:58 AM

Actually hundreds and hundreds of stores around the world ship to the US. You make it sound alien and strange ("despite the fact that Etoile Home is based in the UK"). As long as you have a credit or debit card, you can make it happen. Have you ever been on eBay? Jeez, guys. Get with the program.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pillows from Etoile Home
7/1/08 01:16 PM

I grew up in the military and always had the most incredible houses and apartments to live in. That's officer's housing by the way—housing for enlisted personnel, as I remember, was dreary and ugly and should be entirely rethought. That being said, I agree with the writer and home being a mutable thing when you are military. I was born in one place but lived in about 12 other places before I went to college. As a result the place my mother always said you call home is the place you felt most comfortable living. Which isn't where I am now.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | 'Finding Nouf,' Planting RootsSF Chronicle: 06.18.08
6/19/08 08:05 AM

That means I can afford one chair.

Apartment Therapy New York | Cottage Classics Adirondack Collection at Target
6/16/08 07:03 AM

Good Lord, such naysayers and brown clouds! I have had one of these (not at a beach) and also know several friends who have them and use them routinely for morning showers—why not? They are absolutely glorious, wonderful whether you live in city or country. Live a little, people.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? DIY Outdoor Shower
6/12/08 10:49 AM

Only if you are attempting a wry 1970s decor or a salute to Architectural Digest ...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | "Karate Chop" to your pillows?
6/3/08 08:48 AM

And who was Frank Lloyd Wright's granddaughter? The movie actress Anne Baxter!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Who Slept Here?
5/16/08 01:04 PM

Farrow & Ball's Off-Black:

Or Farrow & Ball's Railings:

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Recommendations for a Charcoal Gray Paint?
5/16/08 06:49 AM

Nothing beats the style of Jill Fenichell's melamine at ...

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Peacock Melamine Dishware from Jonathan Adler
5/9/08 11:31 AM

Would be even better if the leather straps were in a brown tone that matched the wood arms.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Hot or Not? reDO Chair
5/6/08 07:42 AM

The pulls on the original Draper piece were large brass rings ... see them here ... ... I would think these rings would be fairly easy to find, considering the design is uncomplicated ... for similar rings see ... also ...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find Matching Pulls?
4/29/08 01:22 PM

Actually, you seem to have the real thing, a Dorothy Draper chest for Heritage House ...

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Where Can I Find Matching Pulls?
4/29/08 12:56 PM