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I have a few succulents just sitting on top of rocks in a clear vase, they have lived there for months now, once in a while i spray them, or put just a bit of water at the bottom of the container. DO NOT LET THE ROOTS TOUCH WATER.
I tried to plant some of them in pots, but some of them grew tall!!! I like my succulents to keep their rossete shape.

How To Plant Succulents for Indoor Garden? Good Question | Apartment Therapy Re-Nest
3/30/10 01:48 PM

I am not a business person, but I have heard many times that small stores can be very succesfull in dificult times.
I love the idea of a Homegoods store. I have actually thought about it many times, and plan to do it in a near future.
I would check with small business bureau in your area, maybe they can offer some proffesional advise, and maybe even guide on how to get a grant!!!
Good luck!!!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | I'm Thinking About Opening a Home Goods Store...Good Questions
10/16/09 09:00 AM

We have the ikea fixture above out sofa highlighting a beatuful print. We receive so many comments everytime people come over. BTW, we made a small whole in the wall and fished the wire between the 2x4's so it would be exposed.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sources for Picture Lights
6/10/09 11:42 AM

I specially like the painted floors in the last two pics. I know most people feel wood should be stained, but painted floors seem so romantic and different. Also love the large pieces of pottery in the second picture! they seem to be the contemporaty touch in that room.

Apartment Therapy DC | Elements of Contemporary Rustic Style
6/8/09 10:00 AM

Love the map wall. Also you could just frame several maps from a book and cover the whole wall.
Does anyone know where to find the little sink? I am planning on renovation my guest bathroom and been looking for a tiny little sink...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: How To Apply Maps as Wallpaper?
5/6/09 12:26 PM

Can someone tell me if the artwork in the first picture is a poster, and if so, where can i get it?
I always liked yellow. And the combination with gray is beautiful

Apartment Therapy DC | Sunny Yellows Abound at the 2009 DC Design House
4/20/09 07:29 PM