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Love the room! Where did you get the orange organizer on the back of the door?

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1/11/12 11:58 AM

Love the nursery. It is lovely. Where did you get your fabrics? I have been hunting everywhere for good fabric with no luck.

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San Antonio, TX

8/23/11 03:04 PM

Love the room! Where is the crib from?

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Montreal, Quebec

7/22/11 02:50 PM

Thank you, thank you, thank you! We have owned our house for over 5 years. The owners before us sweetly painted "grass" on all the baseboards in the nursery. We use that room as the guest room now and I am always so embarassed that there is STILL grass in there. I will be using this tip this weekend.

How To Paint Baseboards Next to Carpet
The Packing Tape Trick

4/28/11 02:52 PM

I'm with MaryWynn. I am a complete grump in the morning. The thought of planning and preparing a meal for people that early, even my friends, sounds terrible.

Party Idea: Host A Breakfast Bash
4/11/11 03:59 PM

Probably my favorite party theme so far! How cute and whimsical - I would love to see more.

Mary Poppins Birthday Party
4/11/11 03:47 PM

Love this color palette. It is so soothing!

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2/15/11 08:43 PM

Love the decorations and the little addition from your son. I have a Blanca Gomez print but I adore these two - especially for Valentine's day.

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2/9/11 04:52 PM