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I have that Kohler faucet on the far left in the photo and am deeply in love with it. Chrome and nickel are the default choice made without thinking -- boring.

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7/12/11 08:48 PM

How Can I Integrate an Arcade Game Table into My Decor?
Good Questions

9/21/10 04:08 PM

I hang mine on wall. It's great to get them off the floor and now I have a corner that's strictly guitars taxidermy.

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9/30/09 06:26 PM

I walk by this window every day because it faces onto the park where all of us dogowners poop our pooches. the windows are high up and there's no way to see anyone in the room. The residents of this space definitely know that people look into their windows -- they change the objects according to season. At Christmastime they hang 3 small trees upside down from the pulleys. It's way cute and not creepy. I like.

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6/17/09 05:16 PM

When my dear greyhound dies I'm going to have her taxidermied. Not sure if just the head and neck or whole body.

Sorry for your loss Gregory.

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6/12/09 06:45 PM