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Hah! You're 2 blocks from me!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | House Tour: Daniel's Multicutural Modern Los Angeles
5/30/09 06:29 AM

@guido - lmao!

I have mine sorted first by color, then by sleeve (or skirt/pant) length. I also organize my friends' closets the same way, after which they tell me that they "can't find anything." As if!

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Linnea's Color Coordinated Closet
5/28/09 10:00 PM

Another Virgo listaholic here... I make my lists on notepads. They usually take up 2 pages - one for long-term goals and the other for the I-should-get-this-done-in-the-next-two-days list. Sometimes I'll find an old list (I came across one from 2005 a couple of weeks ago!) and feel good about crossing off that last item :]

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Are You a List-Maker?
5/22/09 06:29 AM

I like it.

I had a mattress and box spring sitting on a regular old metal bed frame (the kind you can't see unless you get on you knees and look under your bed) which was attached to a beautiful woven sea grass headboard. After running into some financial difficulty, I had to sell my head board, and you know what? I love it! Simple and pretty. And yes, people, keep your floors clean whether your bed is on the floor or not. You shouldn't even have dust bunnies.

Apartment Therapy DC | Back to Basics: Beds on the Floor
5/12/09 03:17 AM

I like cperk8's idea! And yes, either get rid of the rail behind it or paint it the same color as the wall to camouflage it.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Uses for a Nevada Shelf?
5/12/09 02:55 AM

Crazy! I JUST finished watching this episode on hulu, and then I opened up AT, only to see Marge and Homer again. I thought it was amusing.

Last night, I reorganized the furniture in my boyfriend's bedroom. This is a tough project for a strong anti-clutter advocate as my man has several messy hobbies (bicycles, computer hardware, espresso, ebay). I was very happy that he was open to my suggestions. "As long as I'll be able to find everything, you can organize it however you like." He's loving the new, more open space and how everything has a place now. Some men want a pretty, organized space, but don't have the tools (or girlfriends) to help them achieve it.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Gender Differences and Decorating
5/7/09 12:06 PM

hahaha Rolen the Great, I'm a 25-year-old girl who lives 90% on cereal. And I love it! So yeah, kitchen's usually clean.

As soon as I'd find out, I'd be on the phone placing a food order while wiping up the bathroom. And then maybe a quick dusting/vacuuming of the living room. The whole thing would probably take 45 minutes (I believe in putting things back in their places as soon as I'm done using them)(um, except for my clothes when I'm trying to decide what to wear in a hurry, but I can just shove them into the closet if I'm in a hurry).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Survey: Short Notice Entertaining
5/6/09 11:59 AM

I'd stay! Better safe than sorry.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Repairmen On Site: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?
4/28/09 01:36 PM

For me, it's not about getting it right. Right is temporary. I want to know what else I can do with what I have and enjoy the challenge of reorganizing, redecorating, and repurposing. My room mate thinks I'm insane because I've rearranged my bedroom at least 5 times since moving in 9 months ago. Just can't settle :]

Apartment Therapy Boston | Furniture Stress Test: How Often Do You Rearrange?
4/23/09 03:00 AM

Fuzzy is so fuzzy! <3

I use those types of bottles as flower vases, or you can put a long branch in it! You should be able to find branches with blooms on them at this point.

Another thing I do is stick a taper candle in there. When the wax melts, it'll cover up the bottle in a very pretty way. I actually did that a while ago with a white candle that had colorful wax on the inside.

Apartment Therapy New York | Good Questions: Glass Bottle Uses?
4/22/09 08:40 PM

Love the kitty, the pink walls, Hello Kitty, and all the organization! What a smart use of small space. I wish my closet had a window.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Inspiration: Laurana's 16 Square Foot Craft Studio
4/22/09 06:16 PM