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bluewindow - I've used gluten free flour before for a non-gluten friend - it came out fairly dense if I remember correctly, but edible and she enjoyed it. For a gluten eater, I thought it wasn't great but I guess she was used to eating not as tasty bread.

How to Make Easy Irish Soda Bread Cooking Lessons from the Kitchn
3/15/13 01:17 PM

'Irish Soda Bread' has 4 ingredients only. Flour, buttermilk, baking soda and salt. Anything else is not 'Irish Soda Bread'. And the cross in the top is to let the fairies out! (And bless the bread...)
Soda bread with other ingredients is not 'Irish Soda Bread'. Especially fruit and sugar... that's turning it into a cake! This website has some good info for those looking for more background and traditional recipes:

How to Make Easy Irish Soda Bread Cooking Lessons from the Kitchn
3/15/13 01:13 PM

Ideas for Modern Gray Rug with No White or Black? Good Questions
3/7/13 06:16 PM

we've been doing a 30 day green smoothie challenge with they have fantastic recipes and send out a weekly email with more. loads of options for banana free and different protein sources. definitely worth checking out!

Recipe: Superpower Morning Smoothie Recipes from The Kitchn
1/31/13 03:26 PM

LOVE the yardstick backsplash!!!!! Great job!

Kitchen Tour: Ashley Ann's $500 Light and Lovely Remodel
8/18/11 06:09 PM

I think a skirt looks perfect with your cottage look. The reason this one currently doesn't look as great as it could is size and fabric. Pick out a thicker fabric like a cotton duck, or an indoor/outdoor poly/cotton, and have a seamstress at your local dry cleaner knock you one up. If you're feeling adventurous, a bit of pattern and colour here would be a great place to introduce it. job on the renovation all round.

Kitchen Tour: Courtney and Andy's Cottage Galley
8/18/11 06:06 PM

Wow, what's with the hate for 'rainbow books'. Ignore the comments, the books look great. People, books are for reading, and you should appreciate their vivid jackets, not organise them into some sad container store fake display of colour coordination.

How To Extend the Life of an Older Sofa Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy DC
3/1/10 10:06 AM

CKBH: when your husband sees something that he loves, have him write down descriptive words for it, and search craigslist as often as you can. You will find something similar or the same for a lot cheaper!

Apartment Therapy DC | How To: Deal With a New Home Nightmare
8/5/09 07:46 PM

that cabinet was part of a set of broyhill sculptra - a table, chairs, hutch, server and the cabinet was sold for $100 last week, what a bargain!
those chairs are not eames. and have been on craigslist over 6 months, so no-one else thinks they are worth 3k. I would say they are closer to a Baughman design.

Apartment Therapy DC | Eames Chairs - Best Offer Washington DC Scavenger#comments
8/5/09 07:33 PM

the picture and vases look fine. it looks much more cohesive now, well done.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Question Revisited: Goodbye Column!
8/5/09 07:23 PM

The pigment does add VOC in most 'low VOC' paints. The darker the colour, the higher the VOC's. But Olympic is still 'low VOC' with colour - it is just not NO VOC like Natura. I believe that even BM Aura pigments have VOCs. I am using a black Olympic paint right now and it has almost no odour, but definitely more than the lighter colours.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Best Eco Paints 2009: No-VOC and Non-Toxic
8/4/09 01:41 PM

not such a steal, since that yellow henredon couch set was FREE the other day!

Apartment Therapy DC | Broyhill Sideboard - $395 Washington DC Scavenger#comments
8/4/09 01:32 PM

I'm the owner of the Eames table and will offer a $25 discount to AT readers if they mention scavenger and can pick up in the next week. It really is a beautiful table!

Apartment Therapy DC | Asian Side Tables - $400 Washington DC Scavenger
7/30/09 03:29 PM

PS. Your cabinets don't really look that beige - are they more of an off white? You could find after you paint the walls and add some colour with some blinds/curtains that they look whiter.
Also agree on trashing the vile ruffles!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Affordable, Temporary 'Fix' For Kitchen?
7/13/09 01:18 PM

Since you are only creating a temporary solution, please, please, don't use any more vinyl! It's bad enough that the stuff on the floor now is there, let's not create more wastage of a nasty product!
I actually think the cupboards are quite sweet in a way. I wouldn't bother replacing the hardware because the hinges match, and that will cause you a nightmare. Even taking off the handles and replacing with pulls you will have holes to fill and paint! You could though, take off the hardware and spray paint it a pewter colour to take the edge off the black.
Painting the cabinets will really not be that hard - since you are only keeping them a few years, you dont need to do an amazing job that will last forever!
I would paint them a crisp white, and paint the walls with a strong colour of your choosing (sage green, deep red etc). I would also paint the backsplash the same colour as the walls.
I second I Love Upstate - I would replace the countertops with ikea butcherblock. I actually have this in my kitchen and LOVE it. It is very cheap and was also very easy to self install. And when you don't need it in a few years, you can sell it on, make new things from it, or even landfill it :( without guilt as it's just wood.
You say the house is 50's - I would bet there is a much nicer floor under the vinyl!! But even if there isn't, I think you'll find that once you make the other changes, the floor won't stand out as much and you may be able to stick it out a couple of years.
Change that fluorescent fixture for something more interesting and if you don't love the chandelier, sell it on and find something you do. Check craigslist for cheap lighting fixtures! Good luck, I would love to see an 'after' of this!

Apartment Therapy Boston | Good Question: Affordable, Temporary 'Fix' For Kitchen?
7/13/09 01:08 PM

yay! i'm finally on apartment therapy, even if it is as a seller! ;)

Apartment Therapy DC | Scavenger: Art Deco Dental Cabinet - $250 Washington DC
7/10/09 01:15 PM

We are renovating our foreclosed house on a tight budget, and I have used Lowes' Olympic Premium everywhere we have painted. It is a fantastic paint with great coverage and a brilliant range of colours. But the best thing about it is the price tag - around $20 a gallon. I'll stop now as I sound like I work at Lowes!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Best Eco Paints 2009: No-VOC and Non-Toxic
7/9/09 03:55 PM