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I used it recently to roast beets and it worked great! It doesn't caramelize in quite the same way the oven does, but they were still plenty yummy! You just wrap them in foil and set it on high for a few hours.

I got the idea because I've done baked potatoes in the Crock Pot before to avoid using the oven in the heat. I'm going to try carrots and garlic next.

What Are Your Favorite Ways to Use a Slow Cooker in the Summer? Reader Intelligence Request
7/28/14 04:03 PM

Mind. Blow.

My slow cooker has a probe to track the internal temperature of meats. Do you think I could use it for this?

How To Make Bread in the Slow Cooker Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/14/14 02:12 PM

For whatever reason, I find myself being asked for cooking advice for kitchen virgins all the dang time, though I am by no means a pro. But I always tell everyone:

1) Read the recipe. Then read it again.
2) set your mise en place
3) read the recipe again.
4) if they don't match, return to step 2. If they do, begin.

It's time consuming and perhaps a little frustrating, but so is throwing out am meal and ordering pizza.

The fact is you still have to do all the prep, even if you don't put each thing in a wee bowl after you dice it.

Even with more experience, I always pull out all my ingredients before I start. I'll do the prep in sequence to reduce washing and total time, but I lay eyes on every last carrot before I ever heat a pan.

Culinary School Week 1: How I Rediscovered the Paring Knife Culinary School Diaries
7/11/14 02:46 PM

Although I trust my grillmaster's skills, are there directions for folks who use actual coals?

Recipe: Balsamic-Marinated Stuffed Flank Steak Recipes from The Kitchn
6/19/14 02:22 PM

It's available at the Pick N Save by me and ohm nom nom nom.

Interesting about their statement on organics. Such a complex topic.

Noosa Yogurt
6/16/14 04:11 PM

Bicycles have replaced a car in most transport aspects of my life. With the savings on gas alone, I have traveled to Spain, France, Costa Rica and a few other places in between.

Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014 Annual Guide
6/5/14 01:06 PM

Today is World Environment Day. I really wish you wouldn't endorse wasteful products like this and the pod coffee machines. So disappointing.

I really miss ReNest, and the responsible, sustainable thinking that went along with it. I saw this post linked on Facebook today, and it reminded me of why I stopped checking this site daily.

A New Keurig-Like Machine Makes Homemade Tortillas Food News
6/5/14 01:03 PM

Rrrrawrs what pretty commuters. A lot of these are single-speeds, which may not work for hillier areas. I find my 3-speed works for most things though, including hauling a cart. Bikes for all!

Best City Bikes & Easy Rides 2014
5/28/14 02:53 PM

I use my spinner to store my greens! It was from a thrift store, and it doesn't have the open bottom like some do. I figured this out through pure laziness, but it keeps them nice and fresh.

When cleaning a good harvest, I like to do a double-dunk: first in water with some vinegar with vigorous swishing, then in clean water. Then in the spinner. Small amounts I just do right in the spinner to save water.

Bugs and soil are icky, but they won't really hurt you. They're there because it's a happy ecosystem.

What's the Best Way to Clean Kale? Good Questions
5/20/14 01:28 PM

Eggs are flippin' magical, eh? They're my primary source of animal protein, and I love them so, so much. I will be getting this from the library, stat.

Andrea Slonecker's Eggs on Top Made Me Fall In Love With Eggs All Over Again Cookbook Review
5/13/14 04:37 PM

I have had them from an Italian grocer in my area. They were not delicious. As someone who joked that I am "70% chickpea" at last night's Satyr, that's a tragedy.

You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Easter Candy
4/15/14 03:41 PM


I do this. My landlord lives upstairs, and although I really like him, enough to even hang out with him on purpose occasionally, sometimes I just can't. I also do it to my roommate. If he's still there when I get up in the morning, I take those ten extra minutes in bed so I don't have to talk to him before coffee.

Do You Avoid Your Neighbors?
4/15/14 12:26 PM

What about no light? I love this idea by my bathroom doesn't have a window.

Best Plants for the Bathroom
4/14/14 11:08 AM

I have a screaming one. I use it to harass interns.

Fling Sock Monkey
4/8/14 05:38 PM

Excellent post! I love composting and the bucket has pride-of-place in my kitchen.

I would add that it's usually a good idea to check on your community's rules regarding siting your bins. Most urban areas require that it be away from housing structures.

A Guide to Setting up a Simple Backyard Compost System Gardening Guides from The Kitchn
4/8/14 02:18 PM

A food processor. I use it a few times a month, and it gets a workout each time. I prep things for soup, make salads, cauliflower rice, doughs, pesto, sauces, you name it. It's just faster. I wish I had room on the counter for it.

I also love my immersion blender. I eye mandolins, but I'm afraid of them.

How a Lemon Juicer Changed My Life Tool Tips
4/7/14 02:34 PM

OMG that SCOBY was 'spensive. Be sure and share it when it reproduces, as they are the sort of thing one should not have to pay for.

And have enjoy your yummy Kombucha!

My Spring Project: Homemade Kombucha Spring Projects From The Kitchn
4/3/14 02:50 PM

This happens to me pretty often, but I reject the use of the word "lazy." I spend a lot of time away from home and cooking can be mentally taxing, as well as physically difficult at the end of the day. I think sometimes we overlook the amount of thought and planning that cooking at home requires.

I try to be prepared with things that are no more difficult to make than deciding which delivery to order would be.

This means that I eat a lot of miso soup, salads, quesidillas and veggie burgers. I am not ashamed. If I cannot summon the energy to boil the kettle to make miso, I am too out of it to be unsupervised and will summon help or go to bed.

It Was One of Those Weeks When I Was Too Lazy To Cook Kitchen Diary: Emily in Los Angeles
4/2/14 03:22 PM

Exciting. I would ask that you not endorse any of the k-cup machines though, as they are inexcusably wasteful.

An Ode to Our Favorite Drink: Welcome to The Kitchn's New Coffee Column Smart Coffee for Regular Joes
3/31/14 02:07 PM


I do this all the time. Legend has it that the cooking properties of microwaves (the type of radiation) was discovered because popcorn in a lab was spontaneously popping. Excited water molecules will do that!

Pre-packaged microwave popcorn is a total scam and icky to boot.

Video: How To Make Microwave Popcorn (Without Buying Microwave Popcorn) Video Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/25/14 12:16 PM