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Where exactly can I get that for my apt.. ?


Apartment Therapy New York | How to Store Fruits and VegetablesFrom The Kitchn: Our sister site that promotes cooking & eating at home#comments#comments
2/18/08 03:48 AM

- Nelson Muntz

Apartment Therapy New York | How To: Make a Door Headboard#comments
2/13/08 07:11 PM

I think I had a waterpipe like that in college.

Apartment Therapy New York | I'm Boo Carafe by Muuto#comments
2/13/08 07:08 PM

BC - thanks for overexplaining how we climb stairs.
You however forgot about younger people (or those in a rush) who take stairs 2 at a time.
Also my elderly mother does infact lift her left foot onto the first stair followed by the right, onto the same first stair.

I still however think this is a reasonably cool idea provided, as stated earlier, all your books are of the same height. Again mine are not.

Pretty cool idea I guess however if it were only 1/4 or 1/2 occupied with books it'd look weird.

Apartment Therapy New York | AT Europe: London Close-up - The Amazing Staircase#comments#comments#comments
2/13/08 07:06 PM

Yeah Anne.. that made me "grrr" when I read it - as soon as I read " I am the most organized person I know" I laughed and scrolled down to ensure no-one else was as clever as me...

alas you are. Well done :)

#4 - Cathrine's Home-y Office
4/16/07 10:22 PM


I often have found myself in this debate with my friends. They often come to me with these problems.

*sigh* Its very hard being rich in New York.

The Times should really concentrate more on down-on-their-luck battlers who somehow managed to overcome such adversity like this. So heart-warming and inspirational *sheds a tear*

NYT: Renovating Rentals
4/16/07 10:18 PM

I honestly dont believe "wallmounting" my plasma would win any design awards. The cords are visible (though Ive tried to hide them as best I can behind a picture) - and due to the studs etc, Id basically have to rip the entire drywall out.

Arg.. Ill post a smallest but coolest shortly.

Small Cool Tech Contest 2007: Final Days to Enter!
4/14/07 07:33 PM

I love ebook readers.

I originally got hooked when it came with my sony clie. Theyre fantastic!

Affordable (unless you only read one paperback now and then) - around 3/4 dollars a book - 10 or so for a new release; Private - weirdos dont start talking to you about what youre reading; saves space and most sites allow you to download the book youve bought many times. You can also download newspapers/blogs to them which is pretty handy for commuting.

I guess unless you have a dedicated Library in your house - this is a great item. Also you dont have to deal with people dogearing your books when you lend them out.

Hot or Not?
4/14/07 01:24 AM


Big fan, it works. Takes a while.. but if youre on the terrace having a wine - it could take a bottle for all I care :)

SweepEZE Vacuuming Dust Pan
4/14/07 01:16 AM

I prefer the cool "VAIO" in steel? - its shiny and reflective - on the lid of my laptop.

4/13/07 03:15 AM

Depending on its robustness, you could treat it like a general kitchen tool (dropping it from say 5cms to the saucer etc) and it'd be quite handy to quickly grab while youre stiring something.

Just thought, you may even be able to use it to move vegies from the cutting board into the pot/pan while youre double checking you have everything.

Hard to say without having one to play with. The Digital Cookbook
4/13/07 03:13 AM

I use a Sony Vaio - running windows.

However I cannot stand a messy desktop. I have the Recycling bin on my desktop and that is it.

I also hate cluttered start menus and having several files in sub directories. My boss added in the employee manual that the computer desktops/start menus cannot be changed.

Very frustrating.

Hot or Not?
4/13/07 03:10 AM

Bose Lifestyle 3-2-1 system does the trick for me.

2 speakers, a sub, a receiver with dvd/mp3/etc player. Sound bounces off walls yadda yadda yadda..

good product. Would be on bose's website.

Good Questions: Small, Well-Designed Stereo?
4/13/07 02:59 AM


Stephen - you remind me of when I was 18.
I had a 51cm philips television, a 2.1 "surround" sound system (which also hooked up to my pc!) and a dvd player.

Oh I was proud. My friends even thought it was cool!

Honestly - good on you. You are working hard to buy what you want and are so proud you are showing the world.

The only problem is this sites focus is significantly around design. Didn't you notice that? Making your bed is a start!

Anyway good luck with the future - we all have to start somewhere.

#3 Stephen's Restoration Hardware
4/13/07 02:50 AM

This may not work for everyone..

Howards Storage World (theyre in Australia, however if we have it, you will definitely have the product, if not the store) sell under bed storage containers.

Theyre smokey plastic containers, probably 1m long, 40cms wide and they slide under the bed. Great for items you want to keep but dont quite fit in cupboards or on display. I have 5 under my bed. 1 is used for dirty laundry.

Anyway point is, 1 is used to store my dogs Eukanuba. They have wheels underneath to make it easy to slide out, and if you leave a plastic cup in there it makes it easy to dispense.

Hope that helps.

Good Questions: Great Cat/Home Links?
3/27/07 10:01 PM