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My sister-in-law, Susan, calls them "Industrious Susans."

Best of the Lazy Susans... Er... The Busy Susans!
4/14/14 02:27 PM

Are you ovo-lacto vegetarian and that's why you want to add eggs as a source of protein (since they are an efficient source if you don't have a ton of other options)? If not, I'm with the folks saying pick other protein sources that you actually like--any meat or fish, really, can be worked into a breakfast. And even if you are ovo-lacto veggie, what about beans or tofu? There's no reason to force yourself to eat something you don't like with so many other good options available!
An exception would be, I guess, if you keep chickens and have eggs in abundance at hand! But, probably if you don't like eggs you wouldn't keep chickens.

What Are Some Ways To Eat Eggs That Disguise Their Taste? Good Questions
3/13/14 10:31 AM

Thanks for the tip about half and half! We only ever have milk or cream in the house when specially purchased for a recipe (and then sometimes the leftover goes to waste) but we always have half and half for coffee! Now, I just have to figure out how big my random ramekins are.

How To Make Panna Cotta Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/12/14 10:10 AM

In Baltimore those tiny, annoying ants are called, I swear, "pussy" ants. I have gotten rid of them by spraying diluted apple cider vinegar around where they were coming in.

This Week, Ants Infested My Kitchen Kitchen Diary: Kate in New York City
2/11/14 04:36 PM

I have a grilled cheese cookbook that I'm not remembering the name of at the moment and the tip from there that revolutionized my grill cheeses is to shred the cheese.

Want the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Put a Lid On It!
2/10/14 10:38 AM

It does freeze well!

Also, it just won me a soup contest at work! THANKS, thekitchn!

Recipe: Miso Pumpkin Soup Recipes from The Kitchn
2/7/14 04:25 PM

I'd like to try more different kinds of proteins. Fish that is not salmon, especially. Really, though, I'm trying to use more unfamiliar techniques.

I'd also like to get over my fear of making a pie crust.

What Ingredient Would You Like to Use More Often This Year?
2/7/14 11:26 AM

Elise, try this pumpkin miso soup

SO yummy! I actually made it for a soup contest at work today.

I've also made miso vinaigrettes that are really tasty.

What Ingredient Would You Like to Use More Often This Year?
2/7/14 11:24 AM

I never remove the pit from the avocado; I remove the avocado from around the pit! Nobody gets hurt and I rarely waste any avocado.

How To Remove an Avocado Pit with a Chef's Knife Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/26/14 09:16 PM

I want to attempt a new recipe once a week. I also have a continuing intention to be more fearless in the kitchen--use ingredients I've never used before, try techniques I've never tried before--and to be okay with failing occasionally.

Our Cooking Resolutions for 2014
1/3/14 11:28 AM

I wash and prick potatoes with a fork then microwave for a few minutes (about 7-9 mins for a normal-sized baking potato flipping the potato over about mid-way through). Then I pop in a 400 or so degree oven for about 15 minutes. All of the joy of a crispy skin, fluffy innards baked potato in a fraction of the time it takes to bake it fully in the oven.

(Then I cut in half, scoop out the insides and mix with crumbled blue cheese, a little mayonnaise, dry mustard & paprika & S&P. I restuff the potatoes and top with sliced tomatoes and sprinkle with shredded parm or pecorino romano and put back in the oven to brown the tops. I call it Special Potato and only have it about once every 6 months because it's a fat and carb bomb but so, so delicious.)

How To Bake a Potato: Three Easy Methods Tips from The Kitchn
1/3/14 11:04 AM

I made these double chocolate espresso cookies:

And added chopped up green olives and, I have to say, they are pretty freaking good. I got obsessed with mixing chocolate and olives after an amazing dessert we had at Balena in Chicago in the Spring--they're housemade nutella with olives. Chocolate and green olives were also something I loved having together when I was a kid.

I made them for a highly competitive cookie swap for which there is a prize for most original. I didn't end up being able to compete due to a technicality (my husband got pulled in as a last-minute judge) but I feel like I could have won.

6 Unexpected Ways to Create Awesome Salty-Sweet Cookies
12/18/13 11:22 AM

oh and I garnished the soup with some sliced, roasted crimini mushrooms. Just finished the last bowl (save one I froze) and the verdict is DELICIOUS!

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
10/30/13 01:07 PM

I made last night and, as my head of broccoli was on the small side, I roasted some cauliflower and a little kohlrabi to add in. Roasted for about 20 minutes and simmered in the broth for longer than 5 minutes. It all blended up nice and thick and was very yummy!

Recipe: Roasted Broccoli & Cheddar Soup
10/27/13 10:57 AM

Made this last night and blended in about a cup of coconut milk because, why not?! I also topped with toasted pumpkin seeds instead of the shichimi togarashi or sesame seeds because the seeds were right there needing to be used. It was super yummy!

Recipe: Miso Pumpkin Soup Recipes from The Kitchn
10/21/13 10:35 AM

In the topping for an apple crisp? It's apple crisp season!!

Help Me Find a Recipe to Make the Most of Maple Sugar! Good Questions
9/18/13 09:14 AM

Tomatoes every morning (and then usually at lunch and dinner, as well) for as long as they are available in my Baltimore farmer's market. Usually just sliced and sprinkled with a little coarse salt. Heaven!

Eating a Tomato in August Weekend Meditation
8/19/13 10:00 AM

Wait, you need to keep siracha in the refrigerator??

The New Sriracha? 25 Condiments That Could Be the Next Must-Have Thing Food News
6/3/13 10:49 AM

Made this for a group of friends--one of whom is trying out a gluten-free, vegan diet--and they were all shocked by how delicious it was! Oh, and I topped it with whipped coconut milk using this post as inspiration:

Now I want whipped coconut milk on everything!!

Dairy-Free Dessert Recipe: Strawberries & \"Cream\" Chia Pudding Recipes from The Kitchn
5/20/13 10:12 AM

ha! Was just coming here to look up uses for ricotta after using half a cup in this turkey meatball recipe.

Love the idea of eating it with strawberries and a little honey!

Leftover Ricotta? 5 Ideas for Using Up the Rest of the Container Ingredient Spotlight
4/24/13 09:26 AM