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I have a wonderful teak buddha I purchased in Thailand. I think it fine to use as a decorative piece as long as you are respectful that it has special meaning to many people.

I'm not Buddhist, but I occasionally burn incense and place fresh flowers beside mine as those are common offerings that Buddhists do. I really wish I could find a place to buy the yellow flower garlands they use in Thailand.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Buddhism as Decoration?
6/12/08 12:49 PM

For Toronto based AT lurkers, DWR just opened a store here last Friday (At King & Spadina).

Apartment Therapy New York | DWR: Design Within Reach
2/28/08 02:12 PM

For the Toronto based lurkers on AT, DWR just opened a store here (at King & Spadina) last Friday. I just happened to walk past.

Apartment Therapy New York | Design Within Reach
2/28/08 02:10 PM