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Curve appeal in grey! perfect for our front entrance!

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10/21/13 11:31 AM

When my partner and I combined 2 apartments into 1 a few months ago, we had HIS TEAM and HER TEAM and called the day a 'Moving Party'. We made sure everything was ready to go when the rented truck arrived (also having moved a lot of the annoying-to-move stuff like tv's and plants, etc the day before).

We also wored to treat our teams like gold - they got coffee/tea/pastries in the morning and were impressed by how smoothly everything went. We moved everthing in less than 4 hours and cracked beers to celebrate the 'Moving Party' at noon, and we fed the teams a bbq lunch and beer all afternoon on the patio while we started the initial unpacking. Everyone had a great time and since the teams were so big it wasn't much effort for anyone.

Then after the dust had settled I sent all of the TEAM members thank you cards. I'm still getting comments about how fun the move was and how much the helpers felt appreciated.

It wasn't the least expensive self-move, but living in a rental property means that there will likely be another move in the next few years and it's important to invest in those who are willing to lend a hand, because let's face it - no one likes the physical act of moving.

Moving Tips: Go the Extra Mile When Friends Help You Move
8/24/10 07:00 PM

Sorry, Canadian in Swedish Clothing, I don't know if the system I have used would work for a memory-foam mattress b/c the market is a lot smaller and there may be large differences between memory foam products. You may only be able to shop within the chosen brand (i.e. Tempurpedic), find the best deal you can, then bring that deal back to a price-beating store for additional savings (plus, these stores never actually check what the reported 'other guys' are pricing it at, so as long as you're reasonably above the cost they may not even blink).

If you are shopping within Canada, you will definitely have your best negotiating chances at a Sleep Country. When I've tried even speaking with sales people and even their managers at stores like The Brick and and similar department stores, I've encountered a lot of people who don't know the products they are selling, and did not treat negotiating with a young single woman seriously. So learn all you need to about mattresses from a store that is serious about their products, go away to find some bargains, and maybe come back to that store for the final deal.

11 Do & Don'ts for Mattress Shopping From Danny Seo | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/15/10 07:00 PM

I don't agree with the comment that you can't look for better deals between stores - while it is true that each store orders a different 'model' name, in many cases they are the same mattress (same features, coil count, etc..) simply with a different name. You can most certainly compare and negotiate.

I've purchased 2 mattresses in the past 6 years, and have an excellent system that I've helped others to use as well. First - recognize that the list price, especially at a big box or department store, is about 3x the cost of the mattress. NEVER PAY FULL PRICE. In fact, never settle for discounts less than 30%. Many stores also have price-matching/beating promotions (in Canada, see Sleep Country). So what's my system? 1. Figure out what kind of mattress you're looking for (firmness, coils vs. not, pillow-top vs. not) beforehand (seriously, spend an afternoon in a store if you don't know) and narrow it down (spend at least 5 minutes on a mattress of interest, and jump between 2 as you narrow it down to eliminate). 2. Go to a local shop, find the mattress you want, then negotiate as far down as you can (make sure all shipping/removal of old mattress, etc is included). 3. If you want repeat step 2 at another shop, with the lowest bargained price minus $50 as your starting point and get that shop to match/beat. 4. Go to a shop whose policy is to match/beat, and that has large buying power (sorry local mom & pops - this system doesn't let you play) - then find the mattress you want and repeat #3. 5. Ask for extras to be thrown in (pillows, cover), or an upgrade if you have to wait for your mattress delivery.

The last time I bought a $1600 mattress (that was not advertized to be on sale), I paid $700 which included 3 negotiations then an upgrade to high-end mattress because I coudln't afford to wait a week for my mattress, it was the end of the month and the salesperson wanted the sale.

Oh and it is true about the Craiglist scams - at least in Vancouver, Canada - I am aware of scammers who resell old mattresses, some even with bedbugs issues. Never buy a mattress from the classifieds.

11 Do & Don'ts for Mattress Shopping From Danny Seo | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
3/15/10 03:58 PM