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I can't agree more. My fiance and I are ending our 6 month reno of a house built in 1850 but not updated since the 1980's. I have taken SOOO many pictures (over 500) of everything that has been down to the house for so many of the above reasons. I wish our house had been completed in time for the Ask This Old House Reno contest but alas maybe next year!

Don't Forget to Take a "Before" Picture!
5/13/11 04:00 PM

For my kitties, of course. I can't imagine not letting them nap on my couch. My kitchen table and counters are another thing, no no no.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Pets on the Furniture...Yea or Nay?
9/23/09 10:10 PM

I love it but at times can think it's uber creepy someone can get a look at where you live. True they can just drive right on by but still...

Apartment Therapy New York | Google Streetview: How It's Done Brownstoner
4/20/09 11:00 AM

Luckily my landlord let me paint, the hideous crackled white walls would of made me go insane.

Apartment Therapy New York | Survey: Are You Allowed to Paint?
4/20/09 10:47 AM