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Lived through a bedbug incident in college - took months until I could fall asleep without fearing creepy crawlies.

Our mattresses/furniture etc... were all brand new - the buggies came from the carpets which had been cleaned prior to us moving in. The exterminator indicated that they hide out under the baseboards and are fairly common in places with a high-occupancy turnover rate, new mattress or not!

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7/27/09 11:41 PM

Another vote for black and white checkerboard. Easy DIY, fairly inexpensive and loads of character.

It would look great in this space.

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5/26/09 07:01 PM

My Fiance and I just went through the same thing! You'd be amazed what you can get by with - the person we sublet from definitely had a different definition of essentials.

Knives are a no-brainer, but I also couldn't have lived without my strainer/colander, which definitely wasn't supplied!!

It's fun to be inventive with what you're given... cook in different ways and try different things. Makes you realize how much you own is really redundant.

Good luck!

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5/21/09 11:54 AM

Art dealer - where's all the art? So many blank walls.

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5/20/09 02:57 PM

I want that bed.... amazing.

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5/13/09 12:15 PM