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Be careful with horseradish- it is a bit invasive!

16 Foods To Re-Grow From Kitchen Scraps
5/28/14 05:49 PM

Actually, the Japanese use potato starch and it gives the crust a 'bubbly' crispy texture. Around March/April potoato starch is in many gorcery stores in the Passover isle and goes on a great sale after the last day of Passover!

How To Make Crispy Tofu Without Deep-Frying Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/17/14 12:52 PM

If you can't find the bottles for under a few bucks, buy the fancy Italian soda at Wholefoods and reuse the bottles! I found some discounted fancy soda at either the Christmas Tree Shoppe or Ocean State Job Lot and just soaked off the paper labels. There may be some beer that comes in clear rather than green latched bottles as well! The Container Store also has the bottles, I believe.

How To Make Limoncello Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
12/12/13 12:06 PM

No Jew makes 15 latkes....just say'n

Recipe: Fennel-Lemon Latkes with Toasted Caraway Sour Cream Recipes from The Kitchn
11/27/13 09:08 PM

I use the neck liver, and other gizzards, and carrots, parsley, an onion, a parsnip. Around thanksgiving you can also usually find some spare wings.

The Science of Gravy: Wylie Dufresne on Emulsions & His Advice for Better Gravy The Science of Thanksgiving
11/27/13 06:50 PM

I have a pot with aromatics all ready on the stove when I carve the bird. Carcass, bones, wings go in, simmering during the dinner and through dessert and clean-up. Strained it can be used with the gravy for turkey pot pie- especially if I make an extra crust when making the apple pie. It can be used for soup with the leftover meat. The point is, there are no large bones and frame for the fridge. Soup and left over meat can be frozen separately and used in a few weeks.

The Case Against Thanksgiving Leftovers
11/26/13 10:46 AM

Totally thinking napkin rings....what is the material that is not copper and how much does it cost?
PS could do napking ring/bracelts and engrave the name on the ring for a Girls w/e dinner!

Make this Homemade Holiday Gift:

11/22/13 11:05 AM

I'm not going to make a judgement, other than given the scant amount of information we have, the request was, as some have stated awkward.

Is this person/family in extreme finacial hardship? Does Amelia frequently show up for dinner empty handed and never reciprocates? Who knows? It may be that this person is in fact quite rude, but I hesitate to say so without more information. In any case, best way to combat rudeness is with compassion and setting a good example yourself. Direct but gentle questions appear to be a good idea if Amelia cannot think of anything she's done to warrent this request and values this friendship. Manjar has the right idea.

A Friend Asked Me to Pay Cash for Thanksgiving Dinner. What Do I Do? Good Questions
11/4/13 12:22 PM

Challah pumpkin bread pudding with white chocolate and crasins, or since we always had lemon meringue pie for Thanksgiving a challah bread pudding with a lemon curd filling finished with a meringue put on towards the end ......pumpkin latkas, don't forget turkey hash browned latkes with fried eggs for Chanukah breakfast on Friday, Sweet potato challah with crasins, or pumpkin matzo balls, Sweet potato kugel,

Help Me Plan My Thanksgivukkah Menu! What Should I Serve? Good Questions
10/30/13 11:10 PM

Check out the salted pumpkin caramel recipe @food 52 and adapt the salted caramel sauce accordingly!

Help Me Plan My Thanksgivukkah Menu! What Should I Serve? Good Questions
10/30/13 10:59 PM

Hate white in the kitchen! My white floors never looked clean! Love my stainless but would love the no fingerprint finish even more- was not available at the time of my renovation. I vote for doing what you love! I have soft pine floors that were chosen because anything I would have chosen would have looked distressed eventually!

Remodeling a Kitchen? 8 Trends To Avoid
10/17/13 06:24 PM

I oil the dish!!!!

Advice for Cooking Larger Amounts of Rice on the Stove? Good Questions
9/20/13 06:27 AM

For huge amounts of rice I boil it in large amounts of water (like pasta) for 10 minutes and drain then rinse to stop the cooking. I then put it in a shallow casserole dish and cover tightly with plastic wrap. To heat I remove plastic, cover with foil and place in a 350 oven for 45 min and serve.

Advice for Cooking Larger Amounts of Rice on the Stove? Good Questions
9/20/13 06:26 AM

Many brands of mozzarella (as opposed to hard cheeses) are ou kosher as is one brand of cheddar Tillamok, from Trader Joe's they also carry a kosher feta..these are three kosher cheeses you can get reliably. Tuna is also considered parve- that is neither meat nor dairy as long as there is a hecshure on the can. Mayonnaise and eggs are considered parve (non-dairy as well) but with some curry and mao or vegan mao tofu with chopped celery is a nice sub for egg salad. also look up recipes of veggie chopped liver- usually canned green beans caramelized onions and garlic, walnuts and if you are using eggs...those too.

What Are Your Favorite Vegetarian and Dairy-Free Sandwiches? Good Questions
8/30/13 08:34 PM

They reduce the bulk of tomatoes tremendously so they are great to freeze!
I often roast some sliced peppers and onions of various colors and add these with the frozen tomatoes and olives and capers and then place them over a slab of thick white fish like cod and roast, but it also works with chicken and salmon!

What Should I Do With Oven-Roasted Tomatoes? Good Questions
8/27/13 01:04 PM

It is greeat to do if you don't want to bake a pie right away, the fruit can sit overnight in the fridge; but you'd need time to cool the syrup as I try and fill the crust with the coldest ingredients possible. This is great to do to make jam instead of using pectin.

Hate Soggy Fruit Desserts? Try This Simple Trick
7/11/13 12:23 PM

I always take a shot of a landmark where I parked my rental car in an unfamiliar city
especially if I plan to wander around most of the day!

Tips On Using Your Camera Phone To Capture Food Memories While Traveling
7/3/13 10:14 AM

While in Paris a blog by an ex-pat recommended, and I purchased:
sea salt
speculos- looks like peanut butter tastes like gingersnap cookies
Edmond Fallot mustard
Christine Ferber confits
also got a bunch of cheese and butter

Any suggestions as to what to bring home from Barcelona???

6 Kitchen Treats to Bring Home from Paris: Picks from Jane Bertch of La Cuisine Paris
6/28/13 11:09 PM