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Or, you know, own more than one set of bedding? I change mine every week, but I'm a linen whore, and own (at last count) 9 sets of sheet/duvet cover/pillowcases. I've been changing my sheets once a week since I was probably 8-9 (myself, that is), so after 30 years I don't exactly even consider it a chore ;)

How To Make Your Bed Once and
Sleep in it Twice As Long Comment of the Day

1/30/14 08:58 PM

This is a terrible picture of the table I own, because I pulled it off an Internet search:

I bought this table in 2002 - I believe it became discontinued in that same year - and I'll be damned if I ever get rid of it. It comfortably seats 6 for dinner, but folds lengthwise, which was always a bonus in small Boston apartments. It also makes an excellent craft table.

What's Your Favorite \"Vintage\" IKEA Piece?
10/29/13 09:45 AM

I don't know if you are keeping the stove, but if not, please consider selling it to a props warehouse or simply online. I work in theatre, and you'd be amazed how often one is in need of vintage appliances.

Info on Kitchen Fixtures from the 1920s? Good Questions
10/4/13 09:15 AM

I don't have a *horrible* roommate story per se, as my college ones were normal and considerate human beings. But I actually have an ongoing situation that I am more or less ignoring. After college for nearly 15 years I lived either alone or with my spouse, but was forced to share a house after my divorce two years ago. My first roommate was a control-freak who could not deal with the fact I had cats - even though it was explicitly discussed. My second (current) roommate seems to be normal in every respect, BUT. Both of them were/are male, and I am an occasionally-dating single woman. They both have propositioned me for sex, even though I have given no indication of being interested, and did not even initiate deeper social relationships beyond "oh, how was your day, look at us being in the kitchen at the same time." The first roommate was sent packing almost instantly, as his behaviour after being rejected escalated to passive-agressive door slamming and being abusive to the cats. The second roommate seems to have gotten the message and is now dating someone. But I am starting to re-think my opposite-gender rooming policy...

Run, Don't Walk: Worst Roommate Ever Stories
8/29/13 05:35 PM

I will let others, more familiar with vintage, comment more, but the types of hardware and the finish lead me to believe its an original. According to Wiki, Mundus merged with J&J Kohn in 1914, before being bought by Thonet in 1922, so your chair is about 100 yrs old. As for the label, it was quite common to paste the paper tags on, so it's actually surprising it hasn't come off in the interim. Though even if a reproduction, $6 s one hell of a deal for a Thonet...

Do You Think this is an Original Kohn & Mundus Chair? Good Questions
6/18/13 08:22 AM

The layout is so traditionally Fenway, I'm guessing that's where you are? I had a similar studio as an entrant here about 3 years ago, and I am so jealous you could make all the adjustments - I often thought about all the changes I could make if I owned mine. Love it!

Yamini's Love at First Sight Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 04:40 PM

I like some of the pics from last year better. If it's a Tumbleweed home model, the toilet is opposite the shower. Also, they usually have a front porch that is about 3'x10', which accounts for the missing 30 sq ft from last year.

Malissa's Hand-Built Home Small Cool Contest
5/8/13 11:27 AM

It's a sprinkler pipe. It's actually illegal to hang ANYTHING from a sprinkler pipe, due to reasons mentioned above. While I generally close my eyes on Xmas lights and such hanging on sprinkler pipes, adding a weight of a child seems downright criminal.

20 Stylish and Kid-Friendly Spaces
1/22/13 11:52 AM

I've always lived in very small apartments, including a 350 sq foot studio that was a finalist in Small, Cool once. I have done countless projects, ranging from upholstering wingback chairs and refinishing a dresser to sewing quilts to making 25 paintings over the course of two weeks for an installation. Tarps are your friend. Making time for set up and clean up each day is key for multi-day projects. Yes, you walk past it on a daily basis. I also always had a dedicated cabinet for the DIY supplies, so at the end of a day all the tools/supplies are put away, and only the project itself is in the way.

How Do You Make Space for a DIY Project in a Small Apartment? Good Questions
1/9/13 09:55 AM

I made one as a gift. It cost me $12 - $5 for the onesie and $7 for a chenille mop.

It's Real! The Baby Mop
1/8/13 03:23 PM

I have done this for friends, but I live in Boston. Most commercial furniture is NOT built to be disassembled, so you have to find a person who is not afraid to break and then rebuild. Find a handyman with upholstery experience (Craigslist might help). Most likely, they would need to take off some upholstery, break a couple connection points, reattach once in the room, and fix the upholstery.

That said, have you tried the window? Sometimes the window diagonal is greater than the door.

Couch Disassembly in San Francisco? Good Questions
10/30/12 08:58 AM

@CHZPLZ - the sink is in the window alcove to the left of the wall, under the window, turned 90 deg from where it used to be. You can see it in pic #5. It would have been useful to have a rough groundplan of the space...

Kitchen Before & After: Debra's Bibliothèque Paris Kitchen Renovation Reader Kitchen Remodel
9/11/12 04:04 PM

We used to have a display at the Boston IKEA that was 250 square feet. I can't recall if it's still there, I haven't been to the store in a year. However, my last apartment was 350 square feet (I was a finalist in the Small Cool a few years back) and it was probably more liveable than this sample...

A Look at IKEA Brooklyn's Tiny 391-Square-Foot Model Apartment Inhabitat
9/4/12 03:06 PM

I don't know if there's an IKEA near where you live, but I've had really good luck with getting foam mattresses in the As Is section for upholstery projects. Also, they Currently have 24" bolster pillows for $17, which you might be able to just match in tone and spirit, and not upholster in the same fabric as the base. I upholster professionally, and I agree there's nothing difficult about this day bed - rectangles are the easiest thing to learn on. Good luck!

Can I Reupholster a Daybed Myself? Good Questions
8/30/12 10:26 PM

I have a version of this rack from when I did not have a closet -

It stores pretty flat under a bed.

Where Can My Long Term House Guest Store Clothes? Good Questions
8/21/12 04:44 PM

To second Jdad, in Russia most rentals come furnished. You can often negotiate with the landlord over what stays and what goes, but most people prefer the basic furniture, because the infrastructure for moving/buying furnishings is not nearly as developed there. It is also very common for students and young professionals there to rent single, fully furnished rooms in two-three bedroom apartments from older people who live alone.

Customs of Another Country: Fully Furnished Apartments
9/30/11 05:22 PM

I think the Hospital building is fantastic, and could benefit from creative re-use. However, the points brought up by commenters here are not taking into account all facts that are evident from the articles about this debate:

1. The hospital that was housed in the building has been moved to a newer facility in 2007.

2. Northwestern does not intend to build another hospital in its place. It wants to put up a high-rise that will house offices and research labs for the Medical School.

3. A person of authority with the Northeastern facilities management contends that the University if not interested in creative re-use, and would like to move on with demolition because "demolition bids came in relatively cheap and he wants to take one while he can."

So really, it comes down to economics and private ownership vs. cultural significance, and economics usually win in the end, no matter how sad that might be.

When is a Local Landmark Worth Saving?
6/16/11 02:45 PM

FYI the designer's name is Olya Levicheva, not the other way around. In Russian, there is no set order for first name/family name, but it IS disrespectful to mention someone by their last name only. Also, I have to agree with eliabee, Russia has very specific views on what is attractive and tasteful, some of these traditions going back thousands of years. So please, if you don't agree with the designer's artistic choices, try to be courteous.

Visual Tricks in a Moscow Apartment
Professional Project

3/13/11 03:36 PM

The "hinged hoops" are called "D Rings", at least in theatre. I am not sure they have another name in hardware parlance. They came to theatre and general tie-down hardware from sailing, since most things that have to do with ropes etc. developed from sailing.

How To Build a Sliding Door for Less Than $40
3/13/11 02:55 PM

I might be alone in this suggestion, as it is not about actual safety, but *perception* of such. I live in a studio, and the thing that always bothered me is being able to see the front door. It does not make me feel safe to be "exposed" to the entrance. So I always arranged the space so there would be a small entryway, separated by a shelf or a screen. In my mind, if someone I did not invite were to enter my apartment, I would have an extra second of warning before they see me, and would be able to take better action, be it hiding or attacking. But that's just me...I've never been comfortable with the American architectural style of entering right into a living space.

Tips to Help With New Studio Safety Concerns?
Good Questions

10/2/10 08:12 PM