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So beautiful! Glad to see there were no chevrons involved.....sorry, they're still everywhere! Love that fabric.

Before & After: Karen's Chair Gets a New Springy Spruce-Up
4/12/14 06:26 AM

I lived in Bonn for uni in 2005!!! LOVED every minute... My mom is from Nurnberg, so I am sorta Bayerisch at heart, but Bonn is soooo wonderful.

I lived at Kirschalle... I miss my walk past Poppelsdofer Schloss for class!

The Cheapest Rent I Ever Had
9/7/13 03:13 PM

Wowee... So much London love here. I moved from Chicago and lived new Arsenal for a few years while my Midlander husband was at university and we hated it beyond any possible future redemption. It was also a life-long dream of mine to live in London, but I was so sorely disappointed that I don't even think we would visit now if we had the chance!

I had previously lived in Germany and CZE and found London to be the most "foreign" place I've ever lived in. No one in my daily London life spoke English and the public transport is abysmal. Most of the city beyond Zone 1 is filthy and it costs a mint to rent a room in a shared flat. Seriously, 6 people... 1 bathroom? No thanks. Talk about stunting adulthood, people live in flatshares until they're 40. Weird.

But, to each their own. We eventually moved into uni accommodation in Cambridge and were much happier. And two days after graduation, we were outta Britain super quick!

Life in London: 10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving
8/21/13 06:20 AM

<<More like a large scale cat toy. :) >>

HAH! Yes!

DIY Decor Trend: Large Scale String Art
8/15/13 01:33 PM

...and on top of all this, you have to live in LA. After all these comments, doubly no thanks. I'm enjoying reading these guides though, good laughs... (said the person in a country not on the USD, $AUS, GBP or Euro!)

What Does it Really Cost to Live in

8/15/13 01:31 PM

I'm in agreement with most of you here on these.... I think DIY is a great GREAT thing and if it works in your space and you love it, even better.

These just looks cheap to me and personally aren't my taste so it's very hard to be objective. The editors didn't seem to choose very democratic pieces for inspiration (which I think was the goal of this article) -- basically, these are all "love it or hate it." I do not love any. :(

Faux Fancy: 10 Ways to Turn Old, Busted Decor into New Luxe Hotness
8/1/13 04:55 AM

What an adorable kitchen! Certainly doesn't look cramped at all -- looks really functional and homey!

Jean's Small But Never Cramped Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/30/13 08:26 AM

I learned that if you blend the just tahini and lemon juice BEFORE other ingredients, it gets just such a nice lemony fresh flavor. Try it, it's yum. I've also tried canned vs fresh and skins vs no skins... maybe my tastes aren't as refined, but cooking chickpeas and peeling em is just so much work! Sorry :)

How To Make Hummus from Scratch Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
7/30/13 08:24 AM

well, well, well... mine was van gogh all right. but it was cafe terrace at night. and it was germany for study abroad, not spain ;)

What Your First Apartment Poster Choices Say About You The Toast
7/29/13 04:31 PM

Smeeshu, that is beautiful! I love the traditional colors with red brick colonials.

Please don't paint those shutters purple, I can see where you're going with baby blue, but it won't do anything for the brick. I second suggestions of having a peek at Houzz and looking for similar brick and then seeing how several colors actually look. I'd like to see them a grayish navy, true glossy navy or black....

What Color Should We Paint Our Front Door and Shutters? Good Questions
7/27/13 06:05 AM

That is a teeny kitchen! I agree with the other comments that you have made it really inspiring... especially considering it's a rental. Also, liking the shelf above the sink... very clever!

Katherine's Little Kitchen That Could Small Cool Kitchens 2013
7/26/13 09:38 AM

Love it! That grey on the walls is lovely... in the wide shots it looks almost khaki to me. Cool and warm at the same time... gorg.

Bridget & Matt's Coastal Style in the Midwest House Call
7/11/13 05:32 AM

Love these comments... some people are so go, go, go that they never get to really experience a place.

It always kind of annoyed me when people travel to a new place so haphazardly just to see 'stuff' and take their photos. They never take the time to learn the names of these amazing places and sights, or learn about the incredible people who lived there or shaped the place.... I don't know, history is just a part of the experience for me!

I think slowing down can have a very valuable impact on what you actually take home from a vacation. I remember most of my brew and views, but hardly any of the museums...Oops!

The Homebody's Guide to Traveling the World
7/11/13 05:29 AM

thirding @converge.

lovely, fun space but where is the house?

Laura and Andrew's HOME Gallery House Tour
7/10/13 04:29 PM

In all my flights, I've never felt like I needed to spritz myself in the face with $20 water. However, I will second a snack, chapstick of some kind, and antibacterial gel/wipes/whatever.

Mostly, I am trying to understand how people fit all this crap into their carry-on! You must be luggage packing ninjas for all this PLUS whatever you need for your trip assuming your luggage is lost.

Ipad, a real book, trashy magazine, snack, water, gum, extra socks and underthings, face cleansing wipes, a small stash of Aveeno.

9 Air Travel Must-Haves for a Comfortable Flight
7/10/13 07:56 AM

What a wonderful article and lovely, thoughtful comments.

My husband and I married about 4 years ago while he was in college and for the first 2 years, we were in uni accommodation with shared kitchens and bathrooms. Ugh! We also had a horrible dingy place in East London (with roommates)... Another in Spain... and finally we settled in the place we met.

On our second anniversary we moved into our current apartment; some would say "white box," but I prefer "palatial and pristine." It really felt like, and still is, our castle. Of course, we are renters and still occasionally broke, but it's a clean, safe place where we have freedom to live as we like, and so many people never get that.

We are not huge on entertaining because we live a little far away from our friends, but we've made so many memories here (Christmas, Thanksgiving-away-from-home, movie marathon weekends, Cinco de Mayo!) that we will be sad to leave. After being everywhere and living in so many different arrangements, being "home" is really a state of mind -- but a nice bed and good kitchen helps!

Can't Buy Happiness: 5 Simple Ways to Turn Any House Into a Home You Love
7/4/13 04:53 AM

I am with you, Dawn. So much judgment for leaving your hometown and seeing the world!

I live in a very touristy town in central Europe and the locals hate everyone equally. As Americans, we have a wonderful reputation of being respectful, good tippers, friendly and clean... We come off a LOT better than many European tourists!

Anyway, since I know what locals can be like, I try to be nice. The language is difficult and the people are mostly rude, so if they meet one friendly English-speaking "local," it could really make their experience of my town a good one.

Ah well, T+L... snobs.

Do You Live In One of America's Snobbiest Cities? (Spoiler: Probably)
7/2/13 05:26 AM

I have lived outside the US for about 7 years now and these prices are shocking!

I am from Chicago originally, and rented a 3-bedroom with two other roommates for about $1500 in Lincoln Park in college. Dirt cheap for the area and the size of the flat, but little things like not having in-built closets or on-site laundry got real old. Plus, the cost of heating is ridiculous.... Also lived in London for a time, and that was just silly how high rent was and how poor the standard of living is.

Now we're in Prague, CZR and pay about $750USD for an 850sq ft one-bedroom. Laundry in the unit, huge closets and a year of heating and water is less than $200! I know it's sort of unfair to compare central Europe and major American cities, but I dunno how I'll ever go back!

Sticker Shock: What's The New Rent On Your Old Apartment?
6/28/13 08:33 AM