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our condo is painted banana yellow and sage green and our lease specifies that we can not paint....ugghhh. cant wait till we can but a house!!

Renter's Solutions: Working With Whatever Wall Color You've Got
1/28/14 03:14 PM

beautiful workspace! gosh,I would love to be her apprentice.

Amy's \"Back to Her Roots\" Workspace: The Studio of Stitch & Hammer Workspace Tour
10/3/13 07:44 PM

I love navy! What a great round-up. I wanted one of those babyhome cots when my little guy was younger, but thought is was too pricy for only a few months of use.

In the Navy: Navy Accents for the Nursery
9/25/13 07:56 PM

I love it!!

Heirloom Bear Blanket Family Find
9/16/13 11:32 AM

Ive never been to Ojai but now I know where to stay when I decide to visit!! Gorgeous!!!

Chris + Kenny's Ojai Rancho Inn Home Away From Home Tour
8/19/13 01:39 PM

very cool! we're going through teething right now. such a joy (sarcasm)

Wooden Teether & Grasping Toy Family Find
8/7/13 01:56 PM

Im obsessed too! love this collection!!

A Sweet Scandi-Style Nursery
8/1/13 01:16 PM

OMG I love Totoro! This is such a great idea!!

Best Kids Parties: My Neighbor Totoro's Cat Bus My Party
7/25/13 05:26 PM

My teenage daughter's bedroom looks like a EF5 tornado went through it......I don't think a room tour is in order here LOL!!

Inside Teen Bedrooms:
The Do Not Enter Diaries

7/25/13 02:24 PM

my husbands dream!

May the Force Be In Your Room:
Star Wars Nurseries & Kids' Bedrooms

7/24/13 02:30 PM

I love the blanket! and that rug would cost way more here....great deal!

What I Bought in Morocco
7/23/13 02:26 PM

These are great, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to entertain an 8 month old on a 15 hour roadtrip....Please Share lol

Traveling with Kids: Pack and Go Art Sets
7/22/13 12:48 PM

Beautiful! I love all of them. So inspiring. My little guy's "room" is in the corner of our master bedroom, but I think I did a pretty good job of making it look like a nursery. You should do a feature on "nursery corners". I swear I looked, googled and pinterested everywhere when I was pregnant for pictures and inspiration on how to share a bedroom with a new baby and I barely found anything.

More Is More: 20 \"Eclectic Collector\" Children's Rooms
7/19/13 01:09 PM

that's the best book!

Traveling with Children: Making Hotels Feel More Like Home
7/16/13 01:03 PM

I love the cloud!

Cork in the Kid's Room
7/15/13 08:45 PM

cute idea

Mamentos Bundle of Joy Journals Family Find
7/11/13 03:26 PM

love the cloud picture with the raindrops!

Harper's Contrasting Colorful Nursery My Room
7/11/13 03:18 PM

I LOVE this room!!! we almost bought that crib too.

Greta's Not Pink-and-Girly Room My Room
7/8/13 03:16 PM

Very cute! I love the chalkboard paint on the doors.

Before & After: $40 Thrift Store Find to Darling Play Kitchen
7/6/13 05:08 PM

This post is awesome!! I never would have thought to use legos as anything other than well, legos.

Out of the Toy Box: Lego Grows Up
7/3/13 06:18 PM