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Same-Day delivery service that will get your stuff home for as little as $80. Highly recommended by Apartment Therapy and was in New York Magazine's Best of NY section:


Here's the original AP write-up on them:

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Your Home an IKEA Catalog?
5/5/09 08:52 AM

WOW! That's all I can say about this service. I called Eric to set up one of his Titanium Package delivery thingies and set up a delivery after I saw an article on him in New York Magazine's "Best of NY" section last month. My husband and I live by the "Best of..." section in New York magazine.

This truly has to be one of the best services in NYC. I arranged for him to meet me when I got home from work yesterday and he was waiting for me in front of my apartment building with all the furniture I emailed to him to purchase just a couple days before (admittedly I was 10 minutes or so late meeting him, damn this new reduced subway train schedule). I paid him for the service and reimbursed him for my furniture, we took everything into my apartment (he handled the bigger stuff) and that was it. Admittedly I would have paid $150 for something like this (which I told him he should be charging) so you might want to catch him before he takes my advise. I gave him an extra $20 and still felt like I was getting over (weird feeling I know). This was the most straight-forward, convenient and economical service I think I've ever used in my 26 years in New York City. HIGHLY recommended, he's a really nice guy too but does i really matter these days? Thanks Eric, we'll be using you again and referring you to everybody. NOW, why can't there be a titanium package or Fresh Direct for everything you need in New York?

Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup Delivery by Eric
4/18/09 04:06 PM