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There are limits to what a landloard or property management company can charge per person for a credit check. I'm not even sure a $75 processing fee is legal, as they would have to chalk it up to the going rate for administrative hourly - does it really take 7.5-ish hours of admin to process your friend's contract? I think not.

About 3-4 years ago, a landlord in California could not charge more than $35, I don't imagine that limit has been jacked up THAT much since. That's not to say that people have not been illegally overcharged - I think it happens quite often.

The best book I can refer you to is the one I used to refer rental owners to, to know their rights (why now know what they should know): Nolo's The California Landlords Lawbook: Right & Responsibility.

Also, to evict you - as previously said above - they would have to give you some form of notice, no matter what terms of the agreement you broke. They MUST give you a 3, 30 or 60-day notice (if they're just ending a month-to-month and you've been there for over a year they have to give you 60 instead of 30 days).

Of course, I say all of this assuming that there is no other backstory of events that has occurred to give the landlords any reason to evict you otherwise - if that's the case, eat crow before they proceed to filing.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Good Questions: Housemate Eviction?
3/4/09 12:39 PM

Ooh! I totally need this book! I'm serving Sangria at my wedding in October - but I've never made it before. So I most definitely need a good recipe for a yummy white and red Sangria for my guests.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Memorial Day Giveaway: 101 Sangrias Pitcher Drinks
5/26/08 10:08 PM

I have black thumbs of death. I would absolutely love to grow some fresh mint on my windowsill. My fiance loves fresh mint ice cream (not like anything you can buy in the stores) and I'd LOVE to make him some this summer.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Power Plant Mini from Prepara
5/23/08 09:50 AM

Oooh my goodness - we love us some Scharffy!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: ChocolateChocolate and Scharffen Berger Baking Goodies
5/16/08 03:00 PM

When I try out the fresh tea from my weekly CSA, I sometimes pair it with shortbread cookies. They soak up everything nice and add a hint of sweetness to the beverage without having to add anything to it.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Thursday Giveaway: Mystic Garden Tea Set from Yedi
5/15/08 10:15 AM

They're pretty much crap.
I've found no luck in corporate cleaning services like Merry Maids.

I've gotten much better service from word-of-mouth self-employed maids.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Merry Maids Cleaning Services
5/7/08 10:47 AM

Oh I would LOVE to use this to frame some of the photography taken at my wedding!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Thursday Giveaway: Gift Card from Imagekind
5/1/08 01:52 PM

My fiance drinks about a six-pack of Calistoga in either lemon or lime every day. I swear, I should hold stock in the company.

I've been wanting to try this out for a while!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Thursday Giveaway: Soda-Club Seltzer Water Soda Maker
2/21/08 01:04 PM

I was blown away by the anticlimactic "Final Exam."

Aside from that, the sheer dedicated nature of her cooking was truly inspiring. So interesting to hear the difference between American products versus European products - even back then! Makes you wonder how that has all evolved.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Book Club: My Life In France, Week 2 Discussion
2/11/08 09:03 AM

I'm in!

Think this would be too difficult to read on a treadmill?? Hope not!! I can already hear my tummy grumbling...

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Book Club: My Life In France Reading Schedule
1/29/08 10:14 AM

I would LOVE to give these to my new niece and nephew-in-laws!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Holiday Gift Bag #1: Win A Bucket of Books from The Red Balloon
12/6/07 10:53 AM

These are gorgeous - and would brighten up our otherwise dismal almost all-black kitchen!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Peugeot Red Lacquer Salt and Pepper Mill Set
12/6/07 10:52 AM

I smell tested these scents yesterday - and Cinnamon Bark was divine!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Holiday Gift Bag: Win A Home for the Holidays Kit from Method
12/6/07 10:52 AM

My fiance would FLIP if he got this as a late Christmas present!!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchen | Holiday Gift Bag 2007: Win a Le Creuset Panini Press and Skillet Set
12/6/07 10:45 AM

Ooh - I love their recipes!

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Gift Bag 2007: Sunset Magazine Subscription
12/6/07 10:44 AM

After an extensive work potluck, I'd have to say the Sin of the moment is Gluttony - spoken like a true foodie!

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Holiday Gift Bag: Win A Seven Deadly Sins Gift Set
12/6/07 10:39 AM

This would get me through my newlywed status without having to spend all my time ironing my new husbands' shirts - and leaves me to spend my time doing more important things...

Apartment Therapy New York | Gift Bag 2007: 3 Pro Compact Steamers from Rowenta
12/4/07 07:27 PM

My cherry hardwood floors would LOVE you! My silver lab and black cat give them regular abuse - and I think they deserve a break, don't you?

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12/3/07 06:10 PM

Name: Kate Whelan

Choice of Blick Wall Decal:
Chandelier in Black
Flock in Snow
Iron Vines in Tomato

Why I Should Win/Project Plan:
Simply put, we're saving for our wedding therefore, our home decor has been put on the backburner. blik decals are a quick & easy - yet impactive - fix to our ongoing design dilemmas. We moved into this house and have been slowly fixing it up as time allows - but time is slim with a wedding on the way.

I plan on placing the chandelier in the dining room adjacent to the family room. We had a very Scarface-like white marble fireplace to work - but a few coats of a gorgeous blue-gray paint took the focus away from that eyesore. The chandelier would be a great contrast to the paint in the dining room and add style to an othersie lackluster area.

The flock in snow is for the niche in the kitchen ceiling. The kitchen needs some brightening - and I have planned to pain the niche a bright focal color like lime or yellow for sometime - placing these decals atop the paint would look amazing.

The iron vines in tomato is for our bedroom. After purchasing loads of stark white furniture and a trellis print gray/white ensemble from dwell - we have very little color in the room. I would use the iron vines to create a headboard on the wall behind the bed.

Apartment Therapy - blik This Wall Giveaway & Contest!
9/6/07 09:50 AM

The lighting needs a pick-me-up.

Give me modern, give me stark white, give me Nelson - give me ANYthing other than that chandelier. Granted, I'm sure it works somewhere - but it definitely doesn't help this setting pop at ALL.

Apartment Therapy - Put a Pin In It: Cork Walls
8/15/07 01:01 PM