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See, this is why I shouldn't comment on these things, because now that I know you have an AWESOME BEAR HEAD, I would completely put a chef hat on him and make him a paper-mache body with a frilly apron and hands that could hold spatulas. Then I would decorate the entire kitchen so be so equally happy/silly that everyone who went in it was too busy laughing to notice that you have a wavy thing over the sink.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
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3/24/11 09:24 AM

Seriously, what is it with guys and those cabinets? You'd think their mother's wombs were lined in Golden Oak.

Like others have said, I think taking off some of the upper cabinet doors (and the wavy thing) would really help, as well as swapping out hardware and replacing the ceiling fan with something more modern.

I've also seen a cool thing on several websites... folks took the doors off their cabinets and inserted painted/papered panels against the back wall before replacing the contents. Some of the panels were even reversible so you could change the look as much as you wanted.

With an electrician husband, you could probably also have awesome cabinet lighting...

Not sure if this look would appeal to you, but faced with a situation where I had not only oak cabinets but oak paneling that couldn't be changed, I decided to stop trying to fight the wood and embrace it. I added more wood pieces, but in different tones to break it up, and lots of plants. It was sort of sweatlodgey. I didn't hate it as much.

How To Update Outdated Oak Kitchen Cabinets?
Good Questions

3/23/11 09:14 AM

Oh, wow... it's time for me to invest in a tinfoil hat.

I've never seen Amélie, but I love Michael Sowa's work, and I've been planning for years that when I renovated our library it would be Terribly Serious Looking in exactly the way you described... with elaborately framed Michael Sowa prints as the punchline.

And I thought I was so original. I hope no one I know reads this website...!

Apartment Therapy - Look! Michael Sowa Prints
11/26/07 12:20 PM