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I'd like to make a few points. One is that day dry & night dry are two very different processes. Often, the ability to stay dry at night happens later for a child. So a 6 y.o. still in diapers, only at night, does not seem especially problematic to me. I agree w/ many of the above posters that non-cloth diapers (though that's what I used) can make potty training more difficult. And the other thing I learned from potty training my two kids, is how different each child is through the process. One of mine trained very easily at age 2 (thought at 3.5 she is still not dry at night). But we had a much more difficult, protracted experience w/ my oldest. Some of it could be chalked up to parental inexperience, but the great part I think is about his temperment and personality.

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8/21/09 07:22 PM

The best book on feeding, hands down, is Ellyn Satter's Child of Mine: Feeding with Love and Good Sense. It's not a recipe book but rather a best-odds approach to eating & kids. I can't say enough good things about it and I wish every parent would read it.

With our oldest we were pretty careful--he was a preemie and we were nervous first-timers. I made a lot of his baby food and we took it very slowly. With our second we were much more relaxed and she didn't seem to suffer for it at all. She completely refused any baby food and went right to very small bits of acceptable table food. I found with both that giving them as much independence as possible--even if it meant a bigger mess in the end--was the best way. And I've always tried not to dumb down my food for them--no short-order cooking.

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4/21/08 12:30 PM

We moved to our area to be closer to my dh's work--his commute is about 5 minutes now. We are on the Peninsula. But we had a choice when we moved closer to be on a bigger lot, more spread out or closer in to neighbors and a downtown. We chose the latter because we knew from experience that it worked well for our lifestyle. We live in a neighborhood where kids play outside, schools are walkable/bikeable, we have an easy walk to two downtowns and there are nature areas nearby. We are so happy here.

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4/16/08 04:51 AM

My oldest has loved orange since he was 2--he's almost 6 now. When we moved into our new home I let him look over the Benjamin Moore Affinity fan deck and he landed on buttered yam--a deep orange color. We painted the bottom of his walls in it and added a medium blue over the chair rail. His bedding has pops of orange as does the rug. We liked the color so much we put it in the kids' shared bathroom with white running bond & hex tiles. There are glass accent tiles in shades of orange and orange polka dots on the towels. With a green Keep Calm and Carry On poster over the toilet it's all pretty refreshing.

I don't know how long orange will be hot, but we love it here.

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4/5/08 05:47 AM

I think, as with much in life, there should be some balance in this. I've been in homes that have been completely given over to the children & their stuff--whole rooms cordoned off with safety gadgets, that look like TRU threw up in them. On the flip side, it seems to odd to have children and not have that fact reflected anywhere in your home.

I do think people can go overboard with the babyproofing and it's not really necessary. It's a whole business built on paranoia and first-time parent jitters. We have lots of stairs (although no floating staircases, to be sure) that our children (2 & 5) have learned to navigate. Some things are off limits and we reinforce that without swathing the items in bubblewrap and padlocks.

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2/18/08 04:14 AM

We live in the Bay Area and pay $15 an hour. I always include a meal if the kids are eating too and I round up--like a tip. If we say we'll be back at 10 and come back early, I'll pay the full amount. It adds up but we've been fortunate to have wonderful sitters and have good luck retaining them.

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1/22/08 03:35 PM

We use a lot of painters tape. It's great for making race tracks, balance beams, or just letting the kids have a roll to tape around. It comes up so easily w/o marks.

We also have "dance party" pulling up 80's videos on Youtube and dancing around trying to copy some of the moves (Toni Basil anyone?)

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1/19/08 04:24 AM

Room and Board has some nice chairs. There is one that looks like a traditional toddler chair in nice colors: http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/collection.do?method=get&id=4107169&cat=42

we got their Bianco chair for our daughter's room: http://www.roomandboard.com/rnb/collection.do?method=get&id=378108&cat=26
while it's not a child's chair, the seat is quite low and easy for her to climb onto. We did it in the stock fabric--that gorgeous raspberry velvet--and she oohed "pretty chair" when it came in.

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12/13/07 05:38 AM

This seems to be very common in our circle. We adopted, so I didn't receive a gift for "pushing"--but the process of adoption required a lot of work, most of which I tackled. For the birth & adoption of both our children, my husband gave me a gift of jewelry to commemorate the occasion. I cherish these pieces and wear them daily.

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12/7/07 12:33 PM

The most high tech thing our 5 y.o. son has is a Leapster which we got to use for car drives. He probably hasn't played with it in 6 months. He's shown very little interest in any tech related toys--we limited exposure to them in the early years, so it could be because of that. But I think more likely it's his personality. He's not interested in things that are already set--even Legos, which are considered a creative toy are too predetermined for him. This Christmas Santa is bringing him a real workbench and tools--the grandparents will give him wood and nails.

Both of my children (dd is 2) seem to get the most use out of art supplies and basic toys--like stuffed animals they can pretend play with, or dress-up items--rather than anything high tech. But then we have made a concerted effort not to have many items that are branded or closed-ended in the house.

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12/6/07 04:02 AM

It's a nightmare. We inherited one at our old house. They are very nice looking, but ours seemed to break down constantly. One of the repairmen told me they are great for child-free couples who don't cook very much. We have two kids and cook all the time--a bad fit for us.

When we moved I chose an LG regular-style dishwasher for our new house. So far I love, love, love it.

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10/17/07 12:50 PM

I've got two rambunctious little ones--trips to the grocery store with either or both of them are not always easy. But grocery shopping has so many upsides with kids--hard as it is it seems a shame to lose that.

Plus one of mine really doesn't care for tv--Barney wouldn't cut it for him.

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10/1/07 05:45 AM

I don't have a specific color in mind, but I would suggest they check out Benjamin Moore's Affinity color palette in the Aura formulation. We mainly used those when we painted our home--the colors are very beautiful and they all work together. The color palette is limited (the fan deck only has 144 colors) so there are fewer choices (a good deal in my book). A few that we used and liked: fondant, peau de soie, kona, atmospheric, buttered yam. The only caveat I have is that the range of yellows is quite limited.

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9/17/07 12:09 PM

We just moved into a new home with dark hardwood floors. I asked the man who did them what he uses for wood floors. He said above all to avoid the Murphy's Oil products--they build up over time and dull the floors. He said the Bona products are fne but somewhat diluted. What he uses on his floors--I couldn't believe this--is blue windex. He swore by it. He's got two young children (as do we) so he said the Bona is fine for light cleaning, but dealing with spills and messes he always uses the windex.

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9/2/07 05:30 AM

I have noticed that each of my kids seems to have an inherent palate and they are quite distinct. We adopted so there's no reason they would necessarily reflect our tastes. And they weren't breastfed (which I understand can impact developing taste buds). We generally have taken the same approach to food with both and the results have been different. My five year old likes some typical kid food--cereals, yogurt, french fries, pizza. But if I ask for his input on dinner he'll usually choose tofu/broccoli/rice or else something with salmon. He hates anything too acidic and despises avocado. My almost two year old adores avocado, sucks on lemons and turns her nose up at tofu. It's so interesting to see how they evolve. Our policy is to have one family meal, it includes various items (starch/protein/veg/fruit/dessert), seconds on anything but dessert and no rules about how much to eat. It seems to work out very well and we have few battles about food here.

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8/23/07 01:40 PM

This would have been helpful with my first child, as I always warmed his bottles. But I figured out something easier with my second--I just started giving her room temp bottles from day one (to the horror of my mother) and she was absolutely fine. It made going out much easier.

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8/23/07 05:33 AM

I'm a full-time SAHM of two with a little bit of babysitting every week (6 hours, not including regular date nights)--and an occasional day off when my parents come to spend the day with the kids.

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8/21/07 10:56 AM

I think it is too early--but I do know that the Stanford branch of PBKids is one of their style stores where they photograph displays before they go into other stores--ditto the PB store in Burlingame. So that's one reason it's so early.

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8/21/07 10:49 AM

Try Walnut Wallpaper in L.A. http://www.walnutwallpaper.com/
They are very nice and have some really cool wallpaper.

Good Questions: Sources for great wallpaper?
6/14/07 06:11 PM