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Awesome! So funny!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | It's Lovely! I'll Take It!
8/7/08 01:34 PM

That has to be the most uncomfortable sitting area I've ever seen. Nice colors, nice things, but not functional.

Apartment Therapy New York | Blogging Natural Home: Decorating your Natural Home#comments
7/23/08 06:30 AM

When I switched my cat's food from canned to dry, the terrible odor was gone. I also douse the kitty litter with baking soda and that pretty much neutralizes any potential stink. Also, I find that certain food brands are less likely to produce odoriferous (sp.) poop.

And I think the toilet training is wierd.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Death to the Litter Box
7/2/08 12:59 PM

I too have the Docksta but am glad I don't have the 'For Like Ever' poster. It was cute in Domino but man! It's soooo played out now.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Natural Beauty Canadian House Home: April 2008
4/2/08 11:09 AM

It does look fun.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | CD Shower Rings by Trevor O'Neil
3/20/08 10:07 AM

It's funny how salespeople's attitudes change from city to city.

Sometimes, when traveling, if I see something I like in a chain store, I'll usually just wait till I get back to NY and buy it here.

When living in Dallas, I had horrid experiences in the chi-chier stores.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | AT on... Customer Service
3/18/08 02:24 PM


Apartment Therapy New York | Riki Desk Clock by Riki Watanabe
3/13/08 07:37 AM

1. Smoke a joint.

(just kidding)

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Winding Down: After Work Rituals
3/6/08 08:23 AM

Hehehe kellylc.

Reminds me of the post here a while ago (last year?) on the astronomically priced coat rack made from 'harvested' pebbles.

Who comes up with this stuff?

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Underwater Hotel in Istanbul
2/26/08 07:52 AM

Off. The thought of tracking in all that gunk from the street... yuck.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Reader Poll: Shoes on or off in your house?
2/25/08 12:00 PM

Seconded, Laura.

Once the clutter's minimized, it will be easier to relax and figure out what to do with the furniture.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Good Questions: Help Me Arrange My Furniture
2/20/08 11:32 AM

Nice. And that Torsby is excellent. I scored it at the 'As Is' section at my local Ikea last week for $200.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A Bedroom for the Weekend II
2/15/08 12:53 PM

OMG. The black and white...

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Patterned Rooms by Greg Natale
2/15/08 11:30 AM

I purchased the Sultan Fangebo mattress for my guest bedroom last week and got the $25 gift cert. But the checkout girl said that I could only use it for something in the Sultan line. Which is a bummer.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Sale Alert: IKEA Bedroom Event
2/15/08 06:08 AM

I think you should tackle the fireplace first. Then the bookcase next to it. The rest, you can work around. The floors are nice. The walls maybe you can paint white?

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Good Questions: Decorating Ideas For The Family Room?
2/15/08 06:04 AM

Awesome, awesome, awesome! Oh man, you're the best!

Apartment Therapy New York | Romantic Bedroom Week: Hydeist's Ode to Prince
2/13/08 10:46 AM

I want the bedside tables! The bed's pretty but like the Ikea Tolga, doesn't appear sturdy enough for late night action.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Best of Modern Beds: Prins by Carlo Colombo
2/11/08 12:35 PM

I'd be glad to have the cash the owner must obviously possess but homes like these always seem so dead to me. I like the good, old, AT fan type house.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Turner Castle's Opal House
2/8/08 12:09 PM

Awesome. Reminds of of houses in some parts of the Caribbean.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | A the San Fernando Valley?
2/7/08 04:50 AM

It's an improvement, but what's the deal with five shades of brown?

The only thing I think sucks is that painting above the bed. Well, maybe the picture frame... Well, actually, the painting as well because it kinda is like a Bob Ross production.

And the green in that painting clashes with everything. I wouldn't want to sleep in that bedroom. It's too busy now, sometimes less is more... The books, lamps, vase-thing, clock, loud pillows and then that painting...

Oh dear.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Bedroom Month: Best Bedroom Makeover
2/5/08 01:08 PM