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Hooooo Yeah !

It's nice to see a modern house like this in the French Geneva suburb, cause the local administration is a little bit afraid with the contemporary architecture...

Well done !

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3/25/10 01:30 PM

Yep Natalika, they are from Denmark,
check their website here :
you can find some flix of there old apartment too...
They are very stylish and créative...

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11/10/09 02:21 PM

Hi all,

THX a lot for your good comments, i find the camo online :
The deck tiles are not from ikea, i just find it in a material shop, there are in Bangkiray wood.

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4/21/09 03:24 AM

Hi, for me the best school of interior design in Paris is Camando :
this is not the school where i studie but for me it's the best one, i do my cursus in The Boulle school :

Good luck...

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3/13/08 01:57 AM

Instant finalist !
Love the stripe and the colors,
got the same taste for the furniture,
i need too learn more about Feng Shui for my new home..

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10/19/07 04:25 AM

i find it on the web at :
it's a french military surplus, and i think they ship worldwide,
this one have some filet too, i've buy another one in artic white, but this is not the same kind of pattern and they are no filet behind.

Outdoor Home: Uetmarc's Cosy French Style
6/30/07 09:20 AM

THX to all, and thanks to the AT krew for report my balcony.
Happy to know that somebody like it :)

Outdoor Home: Uetmarc's Cosy French Style
6/28/07 02:37 AM

Merci Jany,
and THX to the AT crew for talking about my flat, it's an honor and i'm so happy that's some of my idea can be inspire someone.
I'm a fan of your website and i found a lot ofd inspiration for my home here too.
Keep the good work, P E A C E

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6/13/07 11:04 PM