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I took "cooking" in junior high and it was all pretty basic stuff we learned but useful nonetheless. I learned to cook from my dad and sister but I'm sure most kids are not that lucky. I think a revamped home ec class, possibly in junior high since high school is very college application oriented, would provide all kids with skills necessary for adulthood. School, especially primary and secondary, is not necessarily just for learning writing and reading and math; it's for life skills. Cooking and sewing (and how to use jumper cables on a car and change a tire, for that matter) are absolutely necessary for adulthood.

I'm in my 20s and you wouldn't believe how many of my peers don't know their way around a stove or a car. Like with sex ed, we all can't rely on parents for learning this stuff.

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6/1/10 01:27 PM

just bought and assembled these legs for my desk. love them.

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5/5/09 11:56 PM

lovely rooms. and i'm originally from oak park. isn't it lovely?

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4/16/09 10:32 PM