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This is awesome! Never mind that any multi-monitor set up is sweet, this is just out of the world crazy. Not to mention the throw back to the Apple ][ c just to run IRC.

Way to go Blake!

Virtua Computers - www.virtuacomputers.com
Autriv - www.autriv.com

MacBook Air on 4 Different Screens, New and Old
12/17/10 08:33 AM

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Virtua Computers

A Simple, Efficient, and Free Way to Back Up Data
9/26/10 08:36 AM

Google Email is not the answer. While you can get 7GB of storage, you can only send up to 20MB at a time.

Use an online server, like <A href="www.virtuacomputers.com">Virtua Computers Offsite Backup, or something like Carbonite!

Justin Esgar
Virtua Computers.

A Simple, Efficient, and Free Way to Back Up Data
9/26/10 08:35 AM

This looks awesome. What is the software running on the iPad?


Alan's Custom iPad Home Automation System | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
7/7/10 10:08 AM

There are other companies like Virtua Computers that do offsite backup as well as Backblaze. They use an enterprise level of CrashPlan Pro, and it's always good to price check against other compaines.


How to Securely Back Up Your Data Home Hacks | Apartment Therapy Unplggd
2/19/10 01:18 PM

Why not just get a computer to run something like XBMC, or Plex with a universal remote.

I have a very simple home theater, including my TV, Cable Box, Receiver, and Mac Mini, with a few gaming stations (PS3 and Wii).

I use a logitech harmony remote to switch between them. And really it's just 1 button to switch from watching TV to playing PS3.

All my movies are stored on my Mac Mini, and using plex media server on my home computer, my Mini (in the Plex app) see's my iPhoto and iTunes - with updates, so I don't need to carry data over my network.

Seems easy enough.

Virtua Computers

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12/17/09 01:39 PM

Those apple paintings look real familiar! My girlfriend painted mine though:

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Reader Spotlight: Ricardo's Apple-themed Wall Art
4/16/09 08:19 PM