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My bed is like this, only because my apartment is small (and I temporarily lost my couch to a flood) and the daybed-ish quality made a good sitting area to watch tv.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Small Space Solution: Turn The Bed Sideways
9/1/09 07:15 PM

I never put much thought into it, but both of my pillows' ends go in the same direction so the aren't in or out. I fold the ends under as well. I like shams though since there is no "end"

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Making The Bed: Pillowcase Ends Facing Inside Or Out?
7/29/09 10:08 PM

I've been living in Philly for 3 years now (I'm a Temple U student) and the cheesesteaks don't even make the top 10 list of great things in Philly. There's great architecture, food, history, art galleries, etc.

Apartment Therapy DC | Philadelphia: Setting the Record Straight
7/27/09 11:44 PM

I don't use fabric softener because I'm lazy and cheap, but I used to and I definitely noticed the difference in the beginning. I don't feel like I need it though so I don't think I'll ever go back to using it.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | 4 Month Stick On Fabric Softener?
6/25/09 11:23 PM

I like it. I think it's pretty... and I'm sure Apple probably has a "play room" or some other room that she plays with crayons and markers and crap.

Then again... Crayola now makes paint, markers, and crayons that only color on "magic" paper. Maybe she has that... or just doesn't like coloring.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Gwyneth Paltrow: Nursery Decorator To The Stars?
6/25/09 02:37 PM

I never shopped at Ikea until I got my first apt. I didn't even know anyone that had anything from there. I knew it was affordable and had attractive pieces though. Now that I've used Ikea furniture... I don't think I'd buy anything there again. If I do, I'll definitely check the materials beforehand. My particle board bed chipped the day we opened the box and put it together. My mom has furniture that is gonna outlast my Ikea stuff and is made of better materials and it's in the same price range as the Ikea stuff.

Apartment Therapy New York | Discuss: Are You Generation Ikea?
5/29/09 08:24 PM

I'm a poor college student. My apartment is a mixture of hand me downs and ikea.

Apartment Therapy New York | Is Your Home an IKEA Catalog?
4/30/09 12:17 PM

I recently had the same thing happen in my loft, but there was no large hole in my ceiling. I stayed and I'd probably stay even if there was a hole. I wouldn't like to have people in my place when I'm not home.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Repairmen On Site: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?
4/28/09 05:12 PM