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I love your room and the crib! My mom has one in the attic that she is saving. How did you fix the crib so it wouldn't drop?

Whit's Blue Abode My Room
12/13/12 01:04 PM

I live in an area with VERY hard water. The only thing that I have found to work is a product called LemiShine. You place about a tablespoon in to your dry powder dispenser, close it, and place your dry powder soap just on the door. I buy LemiShine at Walmart, but they have a website too if they do not sell it in your area.

Help! My Dishwasher Leaves a White Residue on My Dishes Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
2/25/10 02:13 PM

This is a great use of your space! You have a little green and you didn't hurt the view and the people watching!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | My Great Outdoors: Nicole's Vancouver Balcony
6/21/09 02:19 PM

Where did you get the orange hanging flower pot from? I have been looking for something to hang off of my fenced in porch for my apartment.

Apartment Therapy DC | My Great Outdoors: Myarmn's Unwinding Space
6/16/09 09:32 AM

I checked out the designer’s website, but can't read it. What language is it? Is there some place that I could order and see the dollar equivalent?

Apartment Therapy Unplugged | Diz Decor's "Electronic Chaos"
4/22/09 03:38 PM