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We have that rug! It's from CB2... LOVE IT.

Byron & Nate's Nature-Sleek Urban Loft
House Tour

11/30/10 12:41 PM

What's the source for the blue couch? Love it!

Madie's Family Home House Call | Apartment Therapy DC
2/19/10 12:55 PM

another endorsement for -- been buying "science decor" from them for years. their prices put anthropologie to shame.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Science Inspired Home Accessories
10/28/09 02:16 PM

Joan must be referring to the Encore sofa, which is $200 less. I can't find any on R&B that are cheaper.

Apartment Therapy New York | Flat Out Sofa Sleeper by Blu Dot Sofa Sleeper of the Week
10/28/09 02:10 PM

We have 3 cats, but 2 have begun spending a significant amount of time outside -- definitely a good way to cut down on litter! Ha. Best litter I have found after trying almost everything out there is Tidy Cat Small Spaces. It's harder to find than the other Tidy Cat litters, but it clumps better and seems to control odors better than anything else.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | The Cat Litter Debate
7/15/09 12:25 PM

this is indeed very sad, but isn't as striking to me because this is what we see everyday in nola. it's rare to find a block here (outside of the ritzy garden district, natch) that doesn't have at least one abandoned house. there are a lot of cities in america facing this same disaster.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | 100 Abandoned Houses
7/11/09 07:30 PM

although it's apparently unpopular, we did the same thing to deal with not having enough media storage when we moved into our small new orleans space. you actually can't really see the boxes unless they are pulled near the front of the couch.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Look! Storage Space Underneath The Sofa
7/8/09 09:21 PM

New Orleans - $1150 for small 2/1 in a mid-city area double (aka duplex) that was renovated after Katrina. No backyard, off-street parking for 1, and w/d.

It's a great place, but i cringe everytime I write the check. The housing prices here seem out of whack with the salaries and the fact that they should be trying to bring people back into the city, not drive them away. From what I've seen, my rent is pretty typical for a "safer" (ha that's so relative here) neighborhood.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Question: What Do You Get For Your Money? Austin
5/13/09 07:41 PM

So great to see a New Orleans entry! We've got a ton of great design here!

Apartment Therapy DC | Small Cool 2009: Tami's New Orleans Courtyard Tiny Division #44
4/16/09 01:34 PM