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I love the Poang rocker! I got a beautiful cover for mine made on Etsy to match my nursery,

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5/2/14 04:12 PM

If you're looking for a cover for your Poang rocker, I got mine made on Etsy. They do any fabric to match your nursery!

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5/2/14 03:31 PM

You can buy custom made covers on Etsy, and matching footstools too :) They're for the newest cushion, with the flap headrest

How To: IKEA Poang Chair Re-covered
4/30/14 09:16 PM

I'm not crazy about these fabrics. The Poang has a new cushion now too, with a headrest. I got my cover made on Etsy. You can choose your own fabrics from I got grey chevron with matching footstool, looks so modern!

Slipcovers for Ikea Poang Chair
4/30/14 09:14 PM

If you need rocking chair cushions, I recommend this shop on Etsy.

Family Rocking Chairs
4/30/14 09:11 PM

So interesting! I love the Eames rocker, I have a couple of them in different rooms. You can get some beautiful cushions for them too, on Etsy. The ones I have are reversible, with the seat and back combined.

Look! Eames Shell Chair Step By Step Video
4/30/14 09:10 PM

Whatever it is, it needs a new cushion! Something bright and contemporary. I got one custom made at Etsy:

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4/30/14 09:08 PM

If you want a beautiful cushion, you can get them on Etsy. They have covers with removable inserts. They're even reversible, so you can have one side for the nursery and the other for the living room :)

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4/30/14 09:06 PM

Eames rockers are very small and don't take up much space at all! I have one and got a gorgeous cushion for it on Etsy. It's a cushion with a back and seat combined, fits perfectly!

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4/30/14 09:04 PM

Yes! And I got an awesome cushion for it, really modern design. I got it made on Etsy. It's in outdoor fabric, with removable foam inserts so you can wash it easily. I've had it for over 2 years on the porch and it still looks beautiful!

Musings on the Front Porch Rocking Chair
4/30/14 08:59 PM

I have one of these and they are sooo comfy!! I also got a beautiful cover for the chair, so it doesn't look so generic Ikea. A shop on Etsy sells them especially for the Poang. They have matching footstool covers too!

Finally: Ikea PoƤng Rocking Chair
4/30/14 08:56 PM

I love a good Eames rocker (blue one). They look great in any room and don't take up alot of space. Plus, I just found this store on Etsy that makes cushions especially for them, so you can really make them co-ordinate:

10 Modern Rocking Chairs

4/30/14 08:53 PM

Georgeous chair! If you get sick of Ikat, you can always get a new cushion. I got mine at They have great designs for rockers, or at least you can see lots of different prints.

Before & After: Rocking Chair Makeover for a New Generation
4/30/14 08:50 PM

Once you have the chair, you definitely need a good cushion! I found a beautiful range of modern designs here. They're reversible too!

Roundup: Outdoor Rocking Chairs, High and Low
7/8/13 01:27 AM

I love my rocking chair and keep it on a rug with a rug saver underneath. You have to use a little more muscle to move it when you sit in it, but that means it doesn't rock easily enough for my little one to catch her fingers on it when she's crawling around. It stays pretty stationary. I also found an beautiful cushion for it:

Rocking Chairs vs. Tiny Fingers ?
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7/8/13 01:25 AM

Wow, beautiful!! The only thing these chairs need are some gorgeous cushions to match. I found this to be a necessity when I bought my vintage rocker. Luckily I found on on Etsy. This store has beautiful modern designs..

Rocking Chairs Project
7/8/13 01:18 AM

If you have a standard rocker, vintage or new, the best thing is being able to change out the cushions to fit in any room. I found this great store on Etsy that sells beautiful ones!

Best Rocking Chairs Apartment Therapy's Annual Guide
7/8/13 01:14 AM

Classic rocking chair and beautiful cushion! It's really hard to find a cushion that matches your nursery, but I found my one here:

What Are Your Nursery Must-Haves? Nesting a Nursery
6/22/13 12:35 PM

I think a rocker is necessary, and definitely a good cushion to go with it. There's nothing worse than sitting on a hard spindly wooden frame when you're trying to nurse. I found some beautiful cushions on Etsy, have bought a few for friends and they love the designs..

Is a Glider or Rocker a Nursery Necessity? Nesting a Nursery
6/22/13 12:32 PM

Love the rocking chair, but you can get a better cushion on Etsy, that will go with the nursery decor more.

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6/22/13 12:30 PM