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I am so incredibly honored to be featured here. Thank you for sharing my recipe and a link to my site! You made my day!

The 3-Ingredient Dessert You Need This Weekend: Watermelon Granita Delicious Links
7/13/14 03:27 PM

We are loving Slow Cooker Stuffed Green Pepper Soup. This one is full of veggies and brown rice, which holds up surprisingly well in the slow cooker.

Can You Share Your Favorite Healthy Slow Cooker Recipes? Good Questions
10/30/12 11:49 AM

Thanks so much for featuring our site!

Just to answer a couple of questions about turning yo1ur bed around...

1) We did not have any registers or baseboards that would prevent the bed from butting up to the wall. It fits very snug against the wall and keeps my daughter safe. We did the same exact thing with her brother and neither of them have fallen anywhere out of the bed.

2. Changing the sheets is not too bad because we have hardwood floors and can pull the bed easily out and I make it on the opposite side. That being said, my daughter can't make the bed herself so it does require an adult to do it, but I still love it more than putting in a bed gate.

Our daughter is four now and I look forward to flipping the bed just like I loved flipping her car seat. It is a rite of passage in the Clark house :)

Hope that helps!


Turn a Day Bed Around for a Safe Toddler Sleep SpotGood Idea | Apartment Therapy Ohdeedoh
1/16/10 02:05 PM

My bread machine broke and so I did the artisan bread thing for a couple of months. The heat was really getting to me though so I finally went to the store and picked up a bread machine. We had bread last night without heating my house up to a zillion degrees and it turned out great (the recipe I made was posted today along with a recipe for Honey Butter to spread on top. It was delicious!)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Do You Own a Bread Machine?
7/10/08 08:55 AM

Great round-up, as always!

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Parenting Blog Roundup 05.27.08
5/27/08 10:18 AM

I think there might even be a tutorial on You Tube on this too. I had recently watched a video on this- what a great idea!

Apartment Therapy - Green Ideas: Conserving Water with a Soda Bottle
9/25/07 10:33 AM

I love frozen mochas and enjoy sipping those on a hot day and sitting in the shade. Sweet tea is also a favorite of mine!!

Outside Month: What's Your Favorite Outside Drink?
6/13/07 10:28 AM

Thanks so much for the mention! I appreciate it and hope people enjoy the article.

Parenting Blog Roundup: 6.12.07
6/12/07 05:08 PM