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As much as I hate to rain on this idea and this post, I think it's important to point out that plywood is an inappropriate substrate for tile, and particularly for metal "tile". Wood expands and contracts with humidity, pennies and grout do not. That said, backsplashes are more forgiving (IF they don't get wet) than floors, which is where saw I pennies set on plywood most recently, yikes. If you're going to take the time to do this, choose the appropriate substrate--tile backer aka Durock or Hardi-Backer.

Look! A Real Penny Tile Backsplash
2/14/13 11:52 AM

I'm with you on the brown booze for winter thing. I LOVE a Manhattan, but it's totally a winter drink for me.

We are gin lovers, and our latest acquisition is a bottle of old skool barrel aged gin. If nothing else, Valentine's Day wins for being a great excuse for a celebratory mid-week cocktial hour and a new bottle of booze to try out!

Cold Weather Cocktail Hour: 5 Favorite Winter Liquors
2/14/13 10:54 AM

Seeing the before kitchens of everyday life is just as interesting (and often gasp-worthy) as the makeover!

Ah, to have a spare $20K or so for a wall of tile. Bonus points if I'd never get sick of it.

I think the dishwasher placement in the new layout is highly questionable.

Kitchen Before & After: An Old Kitchen Gets Some English Flavor Professional Kitchen Remodel
2/4/13 01:49 PM

OH! I just did this in a cocktail bar I built! It's insulated and it's an ice bin, saving me having to have a (always too small and melty) ice bucket on the counter:

Look! A Drop-In Countertop Trough Kitchen Inspiration
1/23/13 10:56 AM

I used to buy them online

How Can I Make Bubble Tea (Boba) at Home?
Good Question

5/24/11 10:44 PM

dumbed down to the point of inconsequence. a "recipe" for guacamole? really?
been a subscriber for at least 15 years, canceling asap.
GP on the cover was the last straw.

What Do You Think of the New Bon Appétit?
5/24/11 10:42 PM

+1 for the homegoods/marshalls version for cheap.

Why the Reisenthal Carrybag Is Better Than Shopping Bags
Product Review

5/18/11 10:23 PM

The Sweet Corn Tamale recipe from Rick Bayless.com is the best frickin thing EVER. I obsess about them.

What Else Can I Do With Masa Harina?
Good Questions

5/18/11 10:21 PM

Am I the only one who is feeling slightly sketchy about Asian import foods these days? The seemingly endless parade reports about what gross things are done to/found in Chinese (or other) food products has me rethinking my love for Asian market ingredients.

Try Instant Beef Flavor Paste For Faster Pho
5/14/11 04:08 PM

What this research concluded is that local honey does not affect seasonal allergies IN THE 36 INDIVIDUALS STUDIED. In addition to the extremely small sample size, there are a number of other limitations (problems) with this study that are not difficult to spot. Dressing up and labeling something as science doesn't make it factual.
How this became main stream media "news" at all is beyond me.

Fact or Fiction? Eating Local Honey Cures Allergies
5/14/11 03:59 PM

Sorry, but one study is just one study, not the definitive truth. I would never believe that honey in and of itself, used incidentally, is a magic bullet for allergies, but I think it's definitely part of a bigger, less allergic picture.

Seems like there is a tendency of honey-eaters (and local food enthusiasts) to be healthier eaters in general. Since allergies are an immune reaction and the immune system has a HUGE gut-mediated component, a healthier eater (honey included or not) has less allergies because their diet cultivates vs. supresses a healthy gut. They are likely to have a stronger, more prodigious native flora vs. junk food junkies with weaker, leakier gut.

Honey and stuff bees make has been used therapeutically since about the beginning of dirt. If it didn't work, that history wouldn't exist.

Fact or Fiction? Eating Local Honey Cures Allergies
5/13/11 01:02 PM

Please keep everyone posted on how the epoxy painted shower tile thing works out. I think it looks much better, but I also suspect it could become an issue again sooner vs. later.
Considering one could DIY a surround with an inexpensive tile for that cost or less, it would be nice to know how it works out, longer term.

Also, I second PCG's concern over waterproofing--the floor in particular should have been redguarded or kerdi'd around the tub at the very least.

Renovating a Bathroom
How Much Does it Really Cost?

5/13/11 12:13 PM

technically, it gives you slightly less than a 6" x 12" piece, because you lose a bit to the width of the cut.
Whether the cut edges have an acceptable look as field tiles depends mostly on the style and finish of the tile. Some tile material cuts a lot nicer and easier than others.
Also keep in mind that rented tile saws usually have crappy, abused blades which makes for crappy looking cuts.

Cheap But Special Tile Flooring: Cut 12" Tiles in Half
5/13/11 12:00 PM

I think the set kitchen way back when Martha was just a network TV show 20+ years ago was one of my first major kitchen inspirations. Because, as you said, her kitchens put function first.
That copper cookware collection in the last photo? Probably exceeds the budget for my entire home! Martha does have a knack for abundance to the level of absurdity. Gorgeous though.

Renovation Inspiration & Ideas from Martha's Kitchens
5/11/11 12:30 PM

I'm skeeved out by the plunger thing, but the other ideas are great. I do love me some round mirrors.

4 Funky Design Ideas from a Funny Little Hostel
Flickr Finds

5/5/11 06:46 PM

I am a huge fan of the bright, fun bathroom.
I had a purple bathroom in my last home--that first photo makes me miss it like crazy!

Personal Style: Unique & Colorful Bathrooms
House Tour Roundup

5/5/11 06:44 PM

p.s. the post right below this one is a perfect example of the combination of spa blue, brown, greens and orange...

How To Accessorize Ugly Brown Sectional?
Good Questions

5/5/11 06:41 PM

colorful pillows with some fun pattern. Looks like you've got a rug under there that is a good jumping off point for wall color. I like a little of that plus some orangey colors for pop in the pillows or a throw.

How To Accessorize Ugly Brown Sectional?
Good Questions

5/5/11 06:40 PM

There is nothing a bit of creativity and talent can't solve. This is super cool.

Using marker on the walls is a way underappreciated route to coolness.

FWIW to the naysayers, a bit of Kilz primer and that wall is good as new.

Katie & Matt's Magic Marker Forest Hall
5/2/11 10:33 PM

As a now public personna, I think it's high time Ree stepped up to the plate on food (specifically MEAT/beef since that's what her family's life revolves around) issues. She's gotten herself to the point of having a huge public platform for food and cooking that is about to get even bigger via TV. Aw shucks, but in my mind, that comes with a responsibility.
Considering the breadth of her following and the nature of her family business, she could have a HUGE influence on the industrial meat thing, yet has thus far chosen to ignore everything that happens after "shipping cattle".
Until and unless that happens, I'm over everything Ree.

New Food Network TV Show for The Pioneer Woman
4/22/11 03:28 PM