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I had no heat or hot water for a week, but my small woodstove kept the house cozy. A full chimney for a fireplace would have been prohibitively expensive. I love, love my woodstove.

Wood Stoves vs. Fireplaces
10/29/10 01:29 AM

The pine is not that charming, so I'd paint them. That wall with the little jog in it makes for a nice window seat. Get a cushion for it; looks cozy.

Layout Ideas for Small Room with Big Built-ins?
Good Questions

10/26/10 08:45 PM

I think the existing tiles are fine and look good with the grey cabinets. The dreary "rose" countertops are the problem. I'd look into replacing or refinishing the counters if it were a home I owned. Rental? 2 years? Get a couple of really beautiful pieces of pottery, or a snazzy mixer or toaster that you can take with you when you go.

Is This Backsplash Makeover Worth the Effort?
10/25/10 12:18 PM

Love the aqua a lot, esp. w/ the white cabinets, black counter and brushed nickel handles. The purple is kind of jarring, and I'm not a fan of orange, but it does add a lot of ebnergy.

LeAnn's "Aqua, 'Orange & Purple" Kitchen
10/18/10 01:04 PM

I've used starch with paper and fabric, and it's a great solution.

Look! Rental Friendly Wallpaper Solution
10/13/10 10:00 AM

Affordable furniture from other sources, like Walmart, Target, etc., is not made as well, and often the design values are horrid. And it may cost more, as well. You get a lot of bang for the buck at Ikea. I wish I could have had kitchen cabinets made by local artisans, but the cost would have been vastly higher. So I have utilitarian cupboards which look good, came in a great variety of sizes, and will last at least as long as the poorly made ones we ripped out that were literally falling apart.

I'd love to hear more about the sustainability issues.

Meanwhile, these photoes are lovely, and not as Ikea-centric as I would have expected; some of them show a more realistic mix of Ikea and vintage home furnishings. I love that pallet on industrial casters.

That's IKEA? Inspiration from the Chain's Swedish Blog
10/13/10 10:00 AM

Post a pic when they're done so we can see how great they look.

How to Clean Up but Retain the Antique Grungy Look?
Good Questions

10/13/10 09:48 AM

I'd like it better if they did a better job of hanging it, and that black cord is really ugly. It's easy to use a white extension cord, or even clear. So glad I'm not their landlord.

Look! Rental Friendly Wallpaper Solution
10/13/10 09:46 AM

I love the look of using several whites and near-whites. White woodwork & wainscoting, creamy white walls, off-white shower curtain, and artwork with lots of grays and whites.

Or use a black and white toile or damask print if you don't want it to be monochrome.

Bathroom Paint Colors to Coordinate with Rest of Decor?
Good Questions

10/5/10 12:54 PM

I'd paint those floors. I've had good results with porch/floor paint. Nice woodwork in your place!

What To Expect When Removing A Floor
9/9/10 07:43 PM

replace your smoke alarm batteries, sure, but replacing items in good condition is environmentally unsound, expensive, and unnecessary.

6 Things In Your Home To Replace Right Now
8/27/10 05:15 PM

Love it. Love the fiberglass wall, the rebar railings(may steal this idea), the ingenuity.

Four People (and a Dog) Living in 180 Square Feet
House Tour

8/4/10 11:53 AM

I have those Overstock stools, and love them. Paintable and affordable, too.

Stool Suggestions for Unusual Kitchen Island?
Good Questions

8/4/10 11:46 AM

Habitat for Humanity's ReStore often has great kitchens. If you remove good cabinets, see if they'll take them. Find a good carpenter and see if your existing cabinets are re-usable. Mine aren't, so I plan to haunt ReStore for replacement.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Green Kitchens?
8/24/08 07:17 AM

Old tshirts make great dustcloths, and feecycle or craigsltlist/free is a terrific way to find them a new home.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Question: Recycle T-shirts?
8/24/08 07:03 AM

I use paper towels for cleaning up some pet accidents. Wet accidents are soaked up w/ newspaper, but the floor still needs some spray cleaner & a paper towel or 2. Otherwise, I have lots of dish towels, and wash them as soon as they're at all grungy.

Cloth napkins are so much nicer to use than paper, just don't get polyester; it's not absorbent.

Newspaper works well to soak up cooking grease; inks are soy-based, and your food doesn't pick up ink, as far as i can tell.

Microfiber cloths are handy, too. When the kitchen sponge gets ratty or torn, it gets trimmed and becomes a bathroom cleaning sponge. Sponges go through the wash just fine.

I probably use a roll every month or 2. It's not hard to reduce consumption of disposables, and it saves money, since cloth napkins and dishtowels go in with regular loads of laundry. I don't get too fussy if I do use some once in a while.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Top Ten: Paper Towel Alternatives
8/16/08 07:50 AM

Just moved, and freecycle was wonderful for getting stuff out of the house to someone who wanted it.

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Inspiration: 5 Things Series at Rearranged Design
8/16/08 07:39 AM

I love the neon chandelier; anybody know where to get it?

Apartment Therapy New York | House Tour: Mirka Iain's London VictorianLondon, England
8/6/08 01:07 PM

Love them, but they're way pricey.

Apartment Therapy New York | Vintage-Looking Seating from Sundance
7/29/08 01:38 PM

The most environmental option is to get CFL chandelier bulbs, and not buy a new fixture. Ikea sells CFL chandelier bulbs that have an enclosure, so the curly bulb is masked, and the light is diffuse.

Apartment Therapy Re-Nest | Good Questions: A Big, Green Chandelier?
7/28/08 01:02 PM