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The Chicago screening of Helevtica is NOT over. It is playing till the 21st.

Helvetica, The Movie
6/19/07 09:42 AM

Wow... Thanks for featuring my garden. Last year was the first time I attempted a container garden, so there was alot of trial and error. For example while my tomatoe plants grew to be over 5 ft. tall, I never got actual tomatoes to grow. I also attempted to bring the herbs indoors last fall, but my apartment didn't get enough light indoors to keep them alive.

This year I did more research (old Martha Stewart Livings and various container gardening books) and attempted some different plants (I haven't uploaded photos of this year's garden yet). While it can be a pain watering so many plants everyday (it takes about 3/4 trips), it is totally worth it.

Flickr Finds: Five Ten's Garden
6/12/07 01:21 PM