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I am completely in love with EVERYTHING in that bedroom picture - the striped rug, the throw on the bed, the timber headboard. I have a bed similar, but the headboard is actually a teak shelf which I had made and it is the best $300 I ever spent!

If anyone knows where to get a similar rug or throw let me know though!

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3/2/14 12:33 AM

I didn't exactly MAKE it myself, but we bought a gorgeous teak bed from a shop called Oishi here in Australia. And, it's big and beautiful so one side (mine) had to be against the wall and my husband gets the bedside table (stool). This wouldn't do, I have books and notepads and loads of things that I need to store near my bed. So, I rang the guy who made the bed and he had some leftover teak and I asked him to come over and build a back shelf / box on it. It cost a couple hundred but it is so worth it. The back of the headboard is now a big wide shelf that sits against the back wall of the bedroom and it's perfect for bedside lamps, piles of books etc.

Everyone always comments on it and asks where we got it. It's the best bed I've ever had and just proves you don't need bedside tables :)

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6/20/13 07:20 AM